Kent Grusendorf

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==Political life==
From 1982 to 1984, Grusendorf served on the elected Texas Board of Education, along with future [[Governor ]] [[Rick Perry]]. In 1986, he ran successfully for the state House, with education reform and school accountability ideas his then highest priority.<ref name=uta>{{cite web|url=|title=Rep. Kent Grusendorf||accessdate=September 15, 2011}}</ref>
Early in Grusendorf's legislative career, the Texas Select Committee on Higher Education, a group appointed by Governor [[Mark White]] to consider streamlining of the state's colleges and universities, proposed that the University of Texas at Arlington be re-defined as a "comprehensive university," with an emphasis on teaching, instead of research. Many UTA faculty and students believed that the change would have eliminated doctoral programs at the institution. [[Bob McFarland]], the state senator from Arlington, and Grusendorf, when he joined the legislature in 1987, fought the committee recommendation. Soon political support was manifested throughout Tarrant County, and the mission of UTA was clarified to include "achieving excellence in all academic areas — teaching, research, and public service."<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=YESTERYEAR: United they stood, Fall 2008||accessdate=September 13, 2011}}</ref>
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