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Justin Trudeau

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'''Justin Trudeau''' is the leader of the [[Liberal Party of Canada]]. He is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister [[Pierre Trudeau]]. He represents the [[Montreal]]-area riding of Papaineau in the [[House of Commons]] and became the [[Prime Minister of Canada|Prime Minister]] in the 2015 Canadian federal election. However, the election result became shrouded in controversy when it was discovered that campaigners from [[Barack Obama]]'s campaign team got involved in the election to campaign on Trudeau's behalf, guiding Trudeau to victory and resulting in accusations of foreign interference in the Canadian election process.<ref>[ Obama Campaign Team Hands Canada Over to the Lib-Left] at Canada Free Press</ref>
One of Trudeau's first acts is to spend $1.6 billion to import 25,000 Syrian migrants. Most Canadians live within 200 miles of the Canadian border, which is almost entirely unsecured. On May 19, 2018, numerous conservative groups opposed to illegal immigration protested against Trudeau and his policies.<ref></ref> He has taken a weak stance on immigration issues.<ref>Murphy, James (July 24, 2018). [ Canada’s Immigration Troubles and Justin Trudeau’s Tepid Response]. ''The New American''. Retrieved July 24, 2018.</ref> When confronted by a critic of illegal migration at a public event, Trudeau avoided the actual issue of migration that she brought up and stated that "racism has no place here," falsely implying she was "racist."<ref>Gstalter, Morgan (August 19, 2018). [ Trudeau shuts down heckler: 'Racism has no place' in Canada]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved August 19, 2018.</ref> By 2019, however, Trudeau had been forced to take a stricter stance on migration, considering the large increase in migration and the upcoming national election.<ref>Mackrael, Kim (March 29, 2019). [ In Shift, Trudeau Begins to Tighten Canada’s Welcoming Stance on Refugees]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved March 30, 2019.</ref>
Trudeau has pulled Canadian forces from the alliance against [[ISIS]], and withdrawn from defense agreements with the United States, such as the [[F-35]] agreement. He also plans to legalize marijuana and prostitution.
Trudeau stated in August 2018 that it is not enough simply to "tolerate" homosexuality, but that "acceptance" of it is necessary.<ref>Risdon, James (August 22, 2018). [ Justin Trudeau: homosexuality is no longer about ‘tolerance,’ but ‘acceptance’]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved August 28, 2018.</ref>
Trudeau's government spent millions of dollars promoting "gay tourism,"<ref>Laurence, Lianne (May 24, 2019). [ Trudeau’s Liberal govt sends millions of taxpayer dollars to promote ‘gay tourism’]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved May 25, 2019.</ref> and he pledged to spend billions of dollars to fund abortions worldwide.<ref>Laurence, Lianne (June 6, 2019). [ Trudeau pledges billions of tax dollars to fund abortion worldwide for ten years]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved June 7, 2019.</ref>
==SNC–Lavalin scandal==
The SNC–Lavalin scandal, which was revealed in 2019, badly shook Trudeau's government and led to the resignation of several cabinet ministers.
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