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Unattractiveness of atheism

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/* Janan Ganesh on the reluctance of irreligious/nonreligious to embrace the tenets of materialism/atheism */
[[File:Oprah Winfrey pic.jpg|thumbnail|right|200px|Many atheists became upset with [[Oprah Winfrey]] when she declared that you can’t be an atheist if you believe in the awe and wonder of the world.<ref>[ Oprah: You Can’t Be an Atheist If You ‘Believe in the Awe and Wonder’ of the World ] by Josh Feldman, Mediaite, October 14th, 2013</ref> See: [[Atheism and wonder]] ]]
Janan Ganesh wrote in the ''Financial Times'':
{{Cquote|What stands out even more is the constant groping for profundity by people who stop well short of any religion or organised belief system themselves. There has been a vein of lifestyle [[spiritualism ]] in the west, and especially the US, for a long time now. Deepak Chopra, the [[Martin Luther]] of this stuff, is in his seventies, and [[Oprah Winfrey]] not far behind. But unless I am being singled out for special treatment, it appears to have become inescapable over the past decade in particular.
This is not the place, nor am I the writer, for a disquisition on the existence or otherwise of God. The question, rather, is why people who plainly do not have any such faith are so reluctant to own the fact. Why is the [[materialism|materialist]] view of things still so hard to embrace, even for those who share all or most of its tenets?<ref>[ Instagram atheists need to drop the hokum] by Janan Ganesh. ''Financial Times'', 2018</ref>}}