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Atheism and physical fitness

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“Among all the marvelous advances of Christianity either within this organization [the YMCA] or without it, in this land and century or any other lands and ages, the future historian of the church of Christ will place this movement of carrying the gospel to the body as one of the most epoch making.” –G. Stanley Hall, “Christianity and Physical Culture” (1901)
[[File:ChuckNorris 2006.jpg|thumbnail|251px|right|[[Chuck Norris]] signing a T-shirt for a soldier in the [[United States Marine Corps]]. <ref></ref>]]
In April of 2011, the [[conservative]] [[Christian]] [[Chuck Norris]] wrote:
{{cquote|The problems with being overweight and [[obese]] go far beyond looks. They affect our mentality, mobility and can lead to a number of physical diseases and ailments...
It's true that [[genetics]], environment, socio-economic status, metabolism and behavior can be contributors to these ailments. But the fact is most Americans are overweight and obese because they eat poorly and don't exercise. Most of our foods are super high in fats, sugars and salt. And, compared to other countries, we eat much larger portions. We live to eat – most other cultures eat to live.
The primary reason obesity statistics and these subsequent illnesses are so high is that our culture is entrenched in [[hedonism]], which means we are all about pleasure. We go where we feel like going. We do what we feel like doing. We watch what we feel like watching. And we eat what we feel like eating. And [[God]] help the soul who tells us to do otherwise...
... We think doing what we feel like doing is power and [[freedom]], when really it's just carrying out what our flesh craves. True freedom is being able to look straight in the eye of what you feel like doing (even if it's wrong) and possessing the power to say no. Eating what we want isn't [[liberty]] – that's tyranny. Eating what is right is freedom – that's victory over oppression. And triumph over the tummy should be our next battle. Fighting for a better [[America]] includes fighting for a healthier, fitter, combat-ready you. (That is why my new cultural warrior book, "Black Belt Patriotism," contains an entire chapter on helping you win the consumption war and not just the [[culture|culture wars]]."<ref></ref>}}
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