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Mass, Warren (May 23, 2018). [ After Maduro’s Reelection in Venezuela, Chaos Worsens and Exodus Increases]. ''The New American''. Retrieved May 23, 2018.</ref> In August 2018, the government announced it would deal with its hyperinflation simply by dropping zeros off its currency.<ref>Vyas, Kyle; Castro, Maolis (August 18, 2018). [ Venezuela Devalues Currency and Hikes Wages, Stoking Fears About Instability]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved August 18, 2018.</ref><ref>Tennant, Michael (August 17, 2018). [ Venezuela’s Hyperinflation Solution? Drop Zeros From the Currency]. ''The New American''. Retrieved August 18, 2018.</ref><ref>Xenakis, John J. (August 19, 2018). [ World View: Socialist Venezuela Introduces Fantasy Currency and Socialist Changes]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 19, 2018.</ref><ref>Tennant, Michael (August 21, 2018). [ Venezuela Takes More Desperate but Futile Steps to Save Socialism]. ''The New American''. Retrieved August 21, 2018.</ref> In 2018, 40% of all Venezuelan businesses closed after Maduro imposed a massive minimum wage increase.<ref>Mass, Warren (September 17, 2018). [ Thanks, Maduro: Nearly 40% of Venezuelan Businesses Closed]. ''The New American''. Retrieved September 17, 2018.</ref> Long lines existed for everything, even to get a passport to leave the country.<ref>Tennant, Michael (October 9, 2018). [ In Venezuela, You Even Have to Wait in Line to Leave]. ''The New American''. Retrieved October 10, 2018.</ref> The country saw nationwide power outages.<ref>Adelmann, Bob (March 11, 2019). [ Nationwide Power Outages Sending Venezuela Back to the Dark Ages]. ''The New American''. Retrieved March 11, 2019.</ref> Several Venezuelans warned the United States not to adopt socialism.<ref>Kan, Janita (February 6, 2019). [ Venezuelans Warn Against Bringing Socialism to the United States]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved February 7, 2019.</ref>
Venezuela's government continued to receive support from [[Russia]] and [[China]].<ref>Adelmann, Bob (October 29, 2018). [ China, Russia Rushing to Keep Venezuela Alive as Crisis Deepens]. ''The New American''. Retrieved October 29, 2018.</ref> Additionally, [[Cuba]]'s Marxist government Communist regime helped Venezuela adopt left-wing authoritarian policies.<ref>Berwick, Angus (August 22, 2019). [ Imported repression: How Cuba taught Venezuela to quash military dissent]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved August 22, 2019.</ref>
Maduro won re-election in 2018, despite banning major opposition parties from participating in the election<ref>Kew, Ben (December 11, 2017). [ Venezuela’s Maduro Bans Opposition Parties from 2018 Election]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 13, 2019.</ref> and despite record low turnout and serious voter fraud allegations.<ref>Martel, Frances (May 21, 2018). [ Venezuela: Maduro ‘Reelected’ with Record Low Turnout, Rampant Fraud]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 13, 2019.</ref> He started his second term despite the fact that about 60 countries did not recognize the election results.<ref>Multiple references:
The situation in Venezuela demonstrated the importance of an armed citizenry – its population was disarmed and thus unable to free itself from Maduro's grip.<ref>Hawkins, Awr (April 30, 2019). [ MSNBC Venezuela Coverage Shows Why U.S. Founders Wanted Armed Citizenry]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 1, 2019.</ref><ref>Byas, Steve (May 1, 2019). [ MSNBC Reporter’s Remarks Illustrate Need for Right to Keep and Bear Arms]. ''The New American''. Retrieved May 1, 2019.</ref> Maduro used violent means to keep control of Venezuela.<ref>Adelmann, Bob (July 9, 2019). [ Venezuela’s Maduro Employing Death Squads, Torture to Retain Control]. ''The New American''. Retrieved July 9, 2019.</ref> According to the Venezuelan Prison Observatory in 2019, over 7,000 Venezuelans died in the country's prisons since 1999.<ref>Kew, Ben (July 26, 2019). [ NGO: Over 7,000 Venezuelans Have Died in Prison Under Socialist Regime]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 26, 2019.</ref>
Economists argued that Venezuela's economic collapse surpassed even those of the USSR and Zimbabwe, making it the worst economic collapse not due to warfare.<ref>Mikelionis, Lukas (May 18, 2019). [ Venezuela's socialist collapse is worse economic failure than Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, experts say]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 18, 2019.</ref> Even Venezuela's own central bank admitted the country experienced an economic meltdownunder the Maduro regime.<ref>Hayward, John (June 3, 2019). [ Venezuelan Central Bank Admits Economy Is Crashing]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 4, 2019.</ref> The country faced severe blackouts.<ref>Taylor, Luke (July 24, 2019). [ Venezuela Struggling With New Wave of Nationwide Blackouts]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved July 24, 2019.</ref>
Venezuela's government sheltered Colombia's Marxist [[National Liberation Army (Colombia)|National Liberation Army]].<ref>Forero, Juan (July 14, 2019). [ Venezuela Gives Colombian Rebels Free Rein]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved July 14, 2019.<br>See also:
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