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Paul Foshee

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|preceded=[[Sylvan N. Friedman​Friedman]]​
|succeeded=Donald Gene Kelly​
|office2=Louisiana State Representative for Natchitoches Parish<br>(one of two members)​
From 1960 to 1964, beginning at the age of twenty-seven, Foshee served a single four-year term as a state representative for Natchitoches Parish. With former Representative Curtis Boozman, he was elected in a two-member district in which the [[incumbent]]s, Monnie T. Cheves and E. H. Hayes, were unseated in the 1959-1960 election cycle. Hayes was a former [[agriculture]] teacher at Natchitoches High School;<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Louisiana House of Representatives, 1812-2020 (Natchitoches Parish)|publisher=Louisiana House of Representative|date=May 21, 2019|accessdate=October 21, 2009}}</ref>​ Cheves, a professor at Northwestern State University.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=In Memoriam: Monnie T. Cheves|publisher=''The Alexandria Town Talk''|page=D3|date=August 17, 1988|accessdate=September 9, 2014; no longer on-line}}</ref>​
Eight years later, Foshee was elected to a single term in the state Senate when he unseated 20-year Democratic Senator [[Sylvan N. Friedman]], a pro-[[Earl Long|Long]] [[farmer]], cattleman[[cattle]]man, and large landowner from Natchez in south Natchitoches Parish (not to be confused with Natchez, [[Mississippi]]). After securing the pivotal Democratic nomination, Foshee then handily defeated in the [[general election]] held on February 1, 1972, the [[Republican Party|Republican]] [[Bob Reese]], a businessman who later became chairman of the Natchitoches Parish Board of Election Supervisors and served on the Republican State Central Committee from 1968 to 1996.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Louisiana Parish Election Officials List||accessdate=September 26, 2009; no longer on-line}}</ref> Reese had earlier run for the Louisiana House from Jackson Parish, having been defeated by future Speaker [[E. L. "Bubba" Henry]].<ref>Louisiana Secretary of State, Election Returns, February 6, 1968.</ref>​
In the first ever nonpartisan blanket primary in 1975, Foshee was unseated by his fellow Democrat, Donald Gene Kelly, a Natchitoches [[attorney]] and thoroughbred horse breeder originally from Coushatta in Red River Parish.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Membership of the Louisiana Senate, 1880 - Present (Natchitoches Parish)|publisher=Louisiana State Senate|accessdate=October 21, 2019}}</ref> In 1979, Foshee’s 23-year-old son, George Barnes "Barney" Foshee (1956–2000), failed in an attempt to unseat Kelly, who scored the second of his five terms in the state Senate. In 1987, Foshee himself unsuccessfully challenged Kelly, 25,619 votes (62.5 percent) to 15,346 (37.5 percent).<ref>Louisiana Secretary of State, Election Returns, October 24, 1987.</ref>​
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