Hemant Mehta

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/* Hermant Mehta and the Brights Movement */
''See also:'' [[Brights Movement]] and [[Atheism and arrogance]]
[[File:Hemant Mehta.jpg|thumbnail|leftright|300px|Hemant Mehta]]
On the [[Brights Movement]] website, Mehta is listed as an "Enthusiastic Bright".<ref>[ "Enthusiastic Brights" at the Brights Movement website]</ref> The Brights Movement has been widely criticized as being pretentious and arrogant (see: [[Atheism and arrogance]]). Given the Brights Movement's reputation for smugness, his endorsement of the Brights Movement and his current listing as an "Enthusiastic Bright" on the Brights Movement website, could be seen as a matter of hypocrisy due to the attributes of "friendly" (his blog is called ''The Friendly Atheist'') and "smug" being incompatible opposites (see: [[Atheist hypocrisy]]).