Human embryos in medical research

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/* Arguments for and Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research */
A variety of arguments are used both for and against embryonic stem cell research. Some proponents argue that the embryos do not constitute human lives or that even if they do since the embryos would be destroyed anyways and thus it makes sense to use the embryos.[]. These arguments have been accepted by some Christian groups and by many Jewish groups, even Orthodox ones.[].
Opponents to such research have argued that such embryos are human lives with the full rights of humans and that even if they are not human lives the slippery slope is too great. Furthermore, they argue that the sanctity of human life is so great that even the destruction of such embryos for research is not permissible even when they would be destroyed anyways. Opponents have also argued that the potential of embryonic stem cells have been exaggerated and that more research must be done with cord and adult stem cells.[] [,2933,31748,00.html] []. However, recent news has shown that adult stem cells do not recive the same potential, and the reports of their abilities have been gratened beyond what they may actually be capable of.