Sesame Street

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[[Image:sesamestreet.jpg|200px|right|]]'''''Sesame Street''''' is a television show for children on the [[PBS]] network. It has been around since 1969 (when it began on PBS's predecessor [[National Educational Television]]) and has spawned a series of movies, books, magazines, and toys. ''Sesame Street '' features [[muppetMuppet]]s interacting with adults and children in an educational setting that emphasizes learning numbers and letters. The show has won a number of [[Emmy Award]]s and is shown in over 25 languages around the world.
''Sesame Street '' successfully launched the career of [[Jim Henson]]'s muppets Muppets and has produced countless imitations and variations. A number of ''Sesame Street '' movies have been made, including ''Follow That Bird'' and ''The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland''. ''Sesame Street '' characters have made appearances on a number of game and talk shows. Many stuffed animals of the ''Sesame Street '' characters are sold in amazing quantities and the [[Tickle Me Elmo]] is considered to be one of the best selling toys of all time. A number of musical albums have been released by ''Sesame Street '' characters, most notably such as ''Bert's Blockbusters'' which scored an unexpected success in 1974 with the single ''Doin' the Pigeon''.<ref>[ Bert's Blockbusters - #4 Album of 1974]</ref>
==Muppet Characters==
* [[Big Bird]] — An eight-- A huge foot tall yellow bird taller than most people who walks on 2 two legs, a good -natured but simple creature. The character of Big Bird was involved in a real-life media scandal about draft-dodging in the Vietnam War following his appearance in the NBC sitcom "Bill'n'the Bird" in 1968.<ref></ref>* [[Cookie Monster]] -- a lover of all gluttonous monster who loves devouring cookies* [[Snuffleupagus]] -- a creature who looks a bit like an a shaggy elephant; at first only big bird Big Bird saw him, but that has long since changed* [[Oscar the Grouch]] -- lives in a garbage can, has a generally cantankerous nature* [[Elmo]]— a furry red creature with a falsetto voice* [[The Count]] -- a vampire who loves to count* [[Bert & Ernie]] -- human muppetsMuppets; Ernie's child-like childlike goofs are balanced by Bert's more serious nature* [[Telly Monster]]* [[Kermit the Frog]] -- a green frog hand muppet Muppet who went on to star in the muppet Muppet movies* and to host [[Groverbroadcast syndication|syndicated]] -- American/British comedy/variety series ''The Muppet Show''* Grover — typical friendly monster, voiced by Frank Oz (also the voice of Yoda* in the ''[[Miss PiggyStar Wars]] -- prone to explosive outburts, she also has a crush on Kermit'' franchise)
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* [ IMDB website]* ['s_Relationship Muppet Wikiic/2004/11/28/101803.shtml Protest over AK-47 in foreign version]* [http: Ernie and Bert's Relationship// Concern over female stereotypes]
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