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/* Forms of Vegetarianism */
==Forms of Vegetarianism==
*Vegan - A vegan diet excludes all food and ingredients that comes from animals. This excludes animal meat, animal products such as milk, cheese, eggs or honey, and byproducts such as gelatin. Effort is needed to make a vegan diet healthy.[]*Lactovegetarian - Someone who eats a plant based diet but also eats animal produced foods (that do not result in the death of the animal) such as milk and cheese. Lacto vegetarians can relatively easily remain healthy. They benefit because they are not tempted to eat types of meat with high saturated fat content.
*Ovo-lactovegetarian (or lacto-ovovegetarian) - Similar to the Lactovegetarian but also consumes eggs.
*Pescatarian - This is considered a form of vegetarianism, which consists of eating fish, but no other varieties of meat. Eggs and dairy may be part of this diet. Fish probably suffer greatly when they are caught and left to suffrocate. Death frequently takes hours. Stricter vegetarians are likely to feel that Peskatarians are not true vegetarians.
==Famous Vegetarians==