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/* Relative Value of Pieces */ b/c Knights (generally) < Bishops
The method most often used is:
*[[Image:chesspawn.jpg|20px]] Pawn--1
*[[Image:chessknight.jpg|20px]] Knight--3 (some say 2.5, as Knights are generally regarded as slightly inferior to Bishops in many middlegame and endgame situations)
*[[Image:chessbishop.jpg|20px]] Bishop--3
*[[Image:chessrook.jpg|20px]] Rook--5
*[[Image:chessqueen.jpg|20px]] Queen--9
*[[Image:chessking.jpg|20px]] King--Priceless , since its loss means the loss of the game. However, as an active piece in the endgame it is usually considered to have a value of 3.
<BR>(The value to the player of some pieces will actually vary during the course of the game, for instance, in an endgame, the King has an attacking power of about 3)