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Essay:The Invisible Hand of Marriage

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* the powerful incentive to work for the benefit of someone else who needs your efforts, such as a spouse or child
* the motivation to work for a future that will likely extend beyond one's own life
* the checks and balances against unproductive activity, anxiety , depression and addiction, from the very different perspectives of a man and a woman
* the insights and wisdom that result from complementary outlooks by a man and woman in marriage
* the pushing and prodding, analogous to what a supervisor, coach or sergeant does, that encourages and compels people in marriage to achieve their best
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== Same-sex marriage ==
There is no '''invisible hand of marriage''' if the spouses have the same gender. Virtually none of the above elements exist in same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is a recipe for unproductive activity, anxiety, depression and addition, with the enormously beneficial checks and balances provided by traditional marriage.
== References ==
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