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/* Takbeer (Glorification of God) */
It is a matter of contention as to whether the name Allah came into use only with the foundation of Islam, or whether it is a reuse of a title of the main pagan god of pre-Islamic [[Mecca]]; Hubal, god of the Moon. Muslim scholars have offered reasonable refutations of this allegation<ref></ref>, but some Christian groups have offered counter-refutations that are seemingly logical as well<ref></ref>. Whether the allegation is true is unknown.
== ''Takbeeror Takbir'' (Glorification of God) ==
''Takbeer'' (تَكْبِير) (Glorification of God), is the common way Muslims give glory to God. The wording used is ''Allahu-Akbar'' "الله أكبر", which is translated as "God is great". It is a very common practice in Islam and is essential to the Islamic call of prayer ([[Athan]]).