[[File:Penn Jillette.jpg|thumbnail|200px|right|[[Penn Jillette]] ]]
The [[Atheism|atheist]] [[Penn Jillette]] says he won't debate me, [[User:Conservative]], on the existence of God because he has friends who are Christians whom he loves/respects and he won't debate me because he doesn't believe I mean what I say about the existence of God (Jillette says I might be an atheistand not a Christian), but on the other hand I might, but he needs to see more evidence of it (Please see: [[Essay: Conservapedia's challenge to atheist Penn Jillette|Conservapedia's challenge to atheist Penn Jillette]] and [[Essay: Penn Jillette's refusal to accept my debate offer|Penn Jillette's refusal to accept my debate offer]]).
== Penn Jillette, here is the evidence you claim you need to debate me ==