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  • ....S. Coast Guard]] and planes followed the ''St. Louis'' to prevent it from landing.<ref></ref> ...George McGovern wanted to "open up" the process of delegate selection and strip figures like [[Chicago]] Mayor [[Richard J. Daley]]<ref>[
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  • in the Euphrates River valley and along the coastal plain, a fertile strip between the coastal mountains and the desert. Overall population density is ...of U.S. products except for food and medicine, and the taking off from or landing in the United States of Syrian Government-owned aircraft. At the same time,
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  • ...Bay (an estuary of the Charles River) in boats provided by the Royal Navy, landing at Lechmere Point southeast of Cambridge. The crossing was slow and time-co ...evere departed Boston that night—the former over Boston Neck, the narrow strip of land connecting Boston to the mainland, the latter by being rowed across
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  • ...with Japan. But the goings on at Guadalcanal focused attention there. A landing was also planned for the nearby island of [[Tulagi]], the site of a Japanes ...ckly seized the airfield and surrounding area. Engineers finished the air strip, and the Marines dubbed it Henderson Field. Henderson soon became home to
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  • ...d likely that the highways would occasionally have to be used as [[landing strip]]s for American [[bomber]]s. In practice, highways in the United States are
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  •]]s off shore, Wagner saw that the Japanese had already set up a landing strip with several fighters based there. Coming under fire from two Japanese fig ...l Church on an attack on another new Japanese air field, this one near the landing site at Vigan. Church and Wagner’s Warhawks carried small fragmentation
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  • ...t has been an airport since 1928. Howard Hughes once had a private landing strip during WWII.<ref>[ The History
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  • ...ry Jubilee]] opened the still-operating theater in 1967 on the Highway 76 "Strip." Now in their fourth generations, the Presleys performed some five times w ...nt from early morning until late evening. Growth continues apace. Branson Landing opened in 2006, an enormous new downtown lakefront development. The mixed-u
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  • ...t to hide.” This has led to an Orange County, [[California]] decision to strip $292,000 in [[taxpayer]] funds to the notorious group. [http://unitedfamili '''[[Congress]] loves to spend what they strip from your wallet''': millions of [[earmark]]s to reward [[John Murtha]]'s c
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  • ...e Luftwaffe could guarantee the Royal Navy would not be able to attack the landing force. To do so, the Royal Air Force had to be defeated. The Battle of Brit ...n Air Force could guarantee the Royal Navy would not be able to attack the landing force. To do so, the Royal Air Force had to be defeated.<ref>An invasion wa
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  • ...architect David Vincent (played by Roy Thinnes) discovers a flying saucer landing outside an abandoned diner one night and attempts, often in vain, to warn t |Adapted from a well-known comic strip, Popeye is a one-eyed U.S. Navy sailor who protects his girlfriend, Olive O
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  • ''' The barrage struck shortly after midnight, when rockets began landing and exploding in several areas of the terminal, officials there said. At le ...funds'''." []
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  • ...]].''' [][ ...ving church.[]
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  • the Florida voters resented the candidates that honored the decision to strip Florida of its delegates). Clinton also won the Michigan primary where Joe ...tement to a Washington, D.C. crowd on March 17, 2008. {{cquote| I remember landing under sniper fire.<ref>Holan, Angie Drobnic (March 25, 2008). [https://www
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  • a time, and the player had to decide after each one whether to cut the strip and stop (keeping all money won to that point), or risk it and keep playing ...g it all), he or she always gets a choice to stop after each safe roll and landing on a safe square. This option to bailout is available only if the contestan
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