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Sprint Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas

The Sprint Corporation is the fourth largest telecommunications and internet service provider company in the United States.[1] They are the second largest US CDMA network behind Verizon.[2] The company boasted 59.7 million customers in April 2017, and has been over-all growing and improving service.[3] Nonetheless, Sprint has encountered some difficulties, including the government blockage of the LightSquared cellular system due to interference with GPS systems.[2] However, they have also developed a new technology called High Performance User Equipment, which increases the range of their 2.5 GHz spectrum by up to 30 percent.[1]


Sprint was originally founded in 1899 as the Brown Telephone Company in Kansas. It initially provided landline service only to the town of Abilene. The next year, they installed a long-distance circuit. The company then merged with a number of others, forming the United Telephone Company, which later became United Telephone and Electric, then United Utilities, Incorporated, then United Telecommunications. After more mergers and some time had passed (some of which was spent in court), the name SPRINT was born. It stood for Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications.[4]