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Stagecoach Group is a major public transport provider in the United Kingdom and North America. It is one of the largest local bus operators in the UK, with a fleet of 7000 vehicles in around 100 towns and cities; it also runs South West Trains, the UK's busiest commuter rail service, East Midlands Trains, and tram services in Sheffield and Manchester. Stagecoach is also part of a joint venture running West Coast trains, linking London to Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

In North America Stagecoach companies operate a fleet of 2,800 vehicles, mainly operating commuter services.

Stagecoach was founded in 1980 by Brian Souter, his sister Ann Gloag, and her husband Robin Gloag of Perth, Scotland, where the group is based. Brian Souter is an evangelical Christian and has given financial and moral support to campaigns opposing the repeal UK's "Section 28", a since-repealed law that prevented local schools from promoting homosexuality.[1]



Stagecoach run bus services in all parts of the UK, under 20 divisions, including:

  • Cambridge & Peterborough
  • East Kent
  • Oxfordshire
  • South
  • South Yorkshire


  • Coach USA in the north-eastern United States
  • Megabus services from Chicago and New York City


  • Coach Canada

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