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Stefan Fiedorowicz (b. Kamloops, BC, 1952) is a Canadian lyrical abstract painter. His work has been inspired by Wassily Kandinsky. Fiedorowicz is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. He moved to live and work in Manchester, and currently resides in Vienna, Austria. Stefan has participated in 17 group exhibitions and 15 solo exhibitions in various countries; his paintings have been exhibited in Vienna, Vancouver, Sydney Penticton and in Sorrento.

“My work is intuitive; colour is the language that I use to express an emotion. It is the interaction of colour that interests me. When you change the way you look at things, the things you see change." [1]

I am a colourist, who uses color to convey something personal and internal... Why I choose certain objects to paint and how I illustrate them is a mystery to me. I do not think about it too much. Certain objects are close to me because of what they mean to me or what they look like, their shape. I simplify them and sometimes combine them into pleasing arrangements. I like working over the canvas surface over and over again because most of the time I am not sure of what I want, especially my abstracts done with thick colourful oils and wall scrapers. [2]

Does The Red Rain Splash You

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