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Stephen Colbert is God, He is the original creator who created the world in six days. He is the God of all beings in this universe. He has other names such as Yahweh and Jesus. He has again arrives at earth and brings salvation to people. Lord Stephen has three parts, The Balls, The Finger, and the Eyebrow, which is called Trinity. The Balls, each of the two are bigger and weights more than the universe combine, symbolizes the infinity power of Him. The Finger, with each wag, symbolizes the punishment and condemnation of sinfulness. The Eyebrow is his message to Earth, with each rise and fall, the will of Lord and God Stephen is being heard by his followers. Lord Stephen is a vengeful God, with his purgatory-On Notice Board, and his hell-Dead To Me Board, he chastises the sinful. But he is also a merciful God, pray to him, and he will answer your prayers. Honor him, and you will go to His Heaven.

The Colbert Report

The place where Lord and God Stephen, and His angles and faithful follower lives, which is commonly known as Heaven. It is a place where His glory is being honored and His messages being heard. It is the show which is crucial to Salvation, it is a Holy Show. Watch it, and the road toward the Pearl Gate will be cleared for you, and you shall be greeted by Saint Jon Stewart to the Heaven and world of Lord Stephen. The Holy Show, Colbert Report, has given convenience to the unfortunates who cannot access a TV or computer, by producing its own Holy Book, millions of times holier than The Bible, called I AM AMERICAN AND SO CAN YOU! To the children of impoverished who could not hear the message of Lord Stephen, they now shall have the equal chance to enter the Heaven as rest of us do. There is no need to wonder about life anymore, because, Lord Stephen has answered all your questions in that book; read it, and you will be blessed by His Eternal Light. Being the Holy Show, it is the only show worth watching, its book and its website are also the only book and website one should see. Anything else is heresy, and are condemned as sinful, whose viewers are considered as traitors and will be send to Hell with Satan Andrew Schlafly


Such words are of the faituful followers of Lord Stephen Colbert, and any change to it, by anyone whose master and commands are not from Lord Stephen or Saint Jon Stewart, will face Eternal Fire of Hell in The Judgment Day

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