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Stephen Wolfram

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Stephen Wolfram (born 1959) is an independent physicist, mathematician, and the founder of Wolfram Research, Inc., a successful software company that sells software programs for scientific research and publications; its flagship product is Mathematica, a programming language designed for technical computation. His company hosts the free MathWorld, an online encyclopedia of mathematics.[1] Eric Weisstein is the major designer of MathWorld, along with contributions by many others worldwide.

  • A bit of a child prodigy, Stephan Wolfram graduated Cal Tech in his teenage years, and began his career as a theoretical physicist. He then went on to revolutionize the field of cellular automata, transforming it from an obscure corner of mathematics into a leading subfield of the emerging new discipline of complexity science. Eventually he entered the business world, founding and making his fortune from Mathematica, the company that made symbolic computer algebra practical and widespread for the first time. [1]

After two years of intense work, Wolfram published A New Kind of Science in 2002 in which he turned to cellular automata for insights in science.

Cover of Stephen Wolfram's book, A New Kind of Science.


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