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Steven Rattner is an American financier, a founder of the Quadrangle group, and was appointed "car czar" in Obama Administration. He previously served as a reporter for the New York Times, advocating liberal approaches to economics, and continued to endorse such positions during his tenure as czar.

As a czar, Rattner was not accountable to anyone except President Obama, and his responsibilities were similarly nebulous. Since his position is not a true cabinet post, Rattner did not need to be confirmed by the full Senate Like other Obama appointees, he is a strongly partisan choice with many ties to the Democratic party establishment.

Rattner headed up the President's Task Force which restructured General Motors and Chrysler and wiped out exisitng shareholders.[1] After Rattner's resignation under a cloud as car czar, Rattner paid $6.2 million in settlements with the Securities and Exchange Commission for his role is a pay-to-play scandal.[2] Rattner's wife Maureeen is the National Finance Chair of the Democratic Party.