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A Subway is the North American term for a rapid transit system that runs underground for much or all of its route. Outside North America, they may be known as an underground, metro, or mass transit railway. Subways require large populations to run efficiently and run at a "grade separation" from other vehicles and run frequently. This means that they exist in the largest cities.

The first subway was opened in London in 1863, (where it is called the "Underground") although many more major cities now have subways systems. The Boston subway opened in 1901 and the New York subway first opened in 1904.

List of cities with subways

Subways of the World
City System Name
Barcelona, Spain Barcelona Metro
Beijing, China Beijing Metro
Berlin, Germany U-Bahn
Boston, United States Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (or "T")
Budapest, Hungary Budapest Metro
Chicago, United States Chicago "L"
Edmonton, Canada Light Rail Transit (LRT)
Glasgow, United Kingdom Glasgow Subway
Hong Kong, China 地铁 Mass Transit Railway (MTR)
London, United Kingdom Underground (official) Tube (colloquial)
Montreal, Canada Metro de Montréal
Moscow, Russia Moscow Metro
New York City, United States Subway
Washington DC, United States Metrorail
Paris, France Métropolitain (abbreviated Métro)
Philadelphia, United States SEPTA
Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea Pyongyang Metro
San Francisco Bay Area , United States Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
Shenzhen, China 深圳地铁 Shenzhen Metro
Shanghai, China Shanghai Metro
Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
Tehran, Iran Tehran Metro
Toronto, Canada Toronto subway and RT