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Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon

Rev. Sun Myung Moon (b.1920, Korea) is the head of the Unification Church, although he is better known (in the political world) as the founder of the Washington Times. Rev. Moon's main goal, throughout his life, has been to comfort the "grieving heart" (Gen. 6:6) of our heavenly Father.

He says that at the age of 15, Jesus visited him and asked him to continue the work He had started 2000 years earlier,[1] to establish the "kingdom of God on earth".[2]


Contrary to rumors spread by opponents, Rev. Moon has no plans to establish a theocracy; that would violate human free will.

  • Dr. Sang Hun Lee wrote, "Rev. Moon does not intend at all to propagate this thought in an absolutist or dogmatic way. He intends it to be popularized by obtaining the approval of many people after letting it undergo the research and critique of many thinkers and scholars, as many of the past scholarly works did." [3]

During a sermon, Rev. Moon asked any Jews present to raise their hands. When they did, he told them to repent for killing Jesus and claimed that it was as an "indemnity" for this that 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.[4] During a visit to the United States, he engaged in a controversial ceremony in which a Congressman crowned him.


Where does Father come from? In his childhood, he lived deep in the North Korean countryside, in a mountain valley, a place called Chung Ju. He was a small king; he went all over the valley catching every kind of animal. He really explored the area. There is no fish he didn't know. His radius was a ten-mile area, a big territory for a child. If he didn't know everything about the area-who was living there and what they were doing-he couldn't sleep. Every morning he would go out and explore some more. That is the kind of personality he has. When there was a bully who gave a hard time to the other children, even though Father was very small, he fought against him and protected the smaller children. - Rev. Sun Myung Moon, In Yun and Encounter [5]


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