Sunk! (tract)

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Sunk! is a religious tract written by Jack Chick. It was originally printed in 2017, and remains an in-stock title. It is listed on their website under the subject "Bible Stories" and also tagged as "Basic Gospel".

During a rainstorm, Andy Carlson is about to drive off to work, when Megan (his wife) tells him he forgot his lunch. While in the house, lightning strikes outside the house, creating a sinkhole which swallows Andy's truck, too far down to be recovered. Andy tells the fireman that he "thanks his lucky stars" he wasn't in the truck; the fireman (to Andy's consternation) replies that it wasn't luck but God showing mercy.

Andy and Megan agree to go to church but sit in the back not to be noticed. The pastor, however, mentions the sinkhole incident, then goes into his sermon based on Numbers 16 and the story of Korah, his rebellion, and the death (by sinkhole) he suffered.

The pastor then presented the Gospel, whereupon Andy and Megan trusted in Christ.

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