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A superpower is a power or ability held by a superhero. The most common superpower is the ability to fly. Many superheroes can be described by the particular superpower they have (i.e. the Invisible Woman has the power to make herself invisible. Some superheroes have many superpowers, while some only have one. For example, Superman is able to fly, but he is also able to shoot lasers from his eyes. Some superheroes don't have any superpowers, such as Batman.

Superpower may also refer to a very powerful country in the global spectrum, often with imperialist tendencies. Historically, the United Kingdom and its empire was the world's first superpower, ruling a quarter of the world during a period of 150 years.Sadly, it declined in power after the Second World War during which it expended much of its resources to fight the Axis powers. Throughout the Cold War, the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were considered the only two superpowers. With the implosion of the USSR in 1991, America is considered the world's lone superpower, and has even been termed a "hyperpuissance" (hyperpower) by French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine to illustrate the vast gap between US military expenditures and wartime experience, which are increasing, and the "soft power" of the members of the European Nation, who continue to cut funding for their military and pursue diplomatic means. China has indicated it intends to execute a "peaceful rise" to superpower status as the 21st Century progresses.