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Surgery is a medical procedure which involves cutting and restitching of tissues.[1] Traditionally, surgery was performed by cutting the tissue with a scalpel, and later closing the tissue with stitches. Today, however, Laser Surgery cuts the skin using a laser, and some wounds are closed without stitches.

There are three types of necessary surgery: emergency, urgent, and elective. Emergency surgery is extremely urgent, and minutes count. Urgent surgery is still quite urgent, but can be put off for a few hours. Elective surgery can be put off for some time.

Plastic surgery is surgery which attempts to enhance the appearance of a person's body. Surgeons reshape parts of the body using surgery.[2]

Dental surgery is surgery on the mouth or teeth. If a person's wisdom teeth are impacted, they may have them removed surgically. Gum surgery is also common, purposing to reshape or remove gum tissue.[3]