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I tried to change this. Atheist is not a proper noun and should only be capitalized at the start of a sentence.--CuthberotA 21:49, 17 May 2015 (EDT)

The article is going to receive further editing next weekend. Various grammatical issues and formatting issues (footnoting/links, etc.) will be tackled then. Conservative 22:23, 17 May 2015 (EDT)
  • I see that the article has been locked now, so I will put my English teacher hat and make some comments here. There are a lot of quotes in this article. You might consider paraphrasing. There should be more comments to clarifying the purpose the article, especially at the beginning, i.e. a "thesis" or "lead." EvilBible is a rather obscure site. It doesn't even chart on Alexa. PeterKa 21:55, 20 May 2015 (EDT)
The page protection is just a temporary measure while it is featured on the main page.
Second, I took most of your suggestions and my changes will be discussed with some Conservapedians.
Third, a very large swath of the militant, internet atheist population is made up shallow/crude "village atheists" and the website and others like it are very common within the niche of internet atheism. See also: Atheism and profanity and Atheism and irrationality.
Thanks for the input. Conservative 01:32, 21 May 2015 (EDT)
Cons, as you know I am an unbeliever - an atheist. Therefore, by definition', I am intolerant. Especially of Christianity. If you have time, Cons - and you will need a lot of time - go through my edits on CP and find one - just one - that shows intolerance towards the Christian religion. You may find where I am critical, especially of orthodoxy, which I assume you would agree with, but you will not find me being "agin" for the sake of it. (As neither are the vast majority of those atheists I know)
Therefore Cons, the statement that atheists are, en mass, intolerant is wrong. AlanE 02:07, 21 May 2015 (EDT)
AlanE, when evolutionism, a tenet of the Western atheist religion (See: Evolution as a secular origins myth) was tied to the start of WWI via reputable scholarship (See: World War I and Darwinism) and this matter was put on the main page, you became very upset.
I do realize that there are degrees of atheist intolerance though.
Next, are you an atheist or an agnostic? Do you deny that God exists? See: Definition of atheism and Definitions of atheist and agnostic and Attempts to dilute the definition of atheism
If you do deny that God exists, what proof and evidence do you have that atheism is true?
Next, if a community wants to have school prayer in their public schools, are you for this? If a valedictorian wishes to give thanks to Jesus in his/her public school valedictorian speech, should he/she be allowed to do this?
If a community wishes to teach creation science in their public schools, should this be allowed? If not, please answer the 15 questions for evolutionists. Conservative 02:39, 21 May 2015 (EDT)

First - I am glad you managed to get rid of one of the "though"s in your first sentence.
Secondly; I do not believe in god, any god.
Next, what the heck has WWI to do with this? Oh! I see. I remember now. My musings on the fallen in WWI became an excuse for you to show your utter contempt for those millions who gave their lives in that conflict as a vehicle for your pathetic ideological pettiness. Any person with one wit of empathetic intelligence would would have understood what I was getting at. We have had this out before.
Where is there any acknowledgement of "degrees of intolerance" in your "article"?
What have your other waffles got to do with this? - you are repeating yourself as usual.
Cons, where is your tolerance?
Cheers mate AlanE 03:33, 21 May 2015 (EDT)

As far as the atheist vs. agnostic issue, I did not ask if you believed in God or gods. I asked if you were an atheist or agnostic and I had a relevant followup question. We both know this. You are dodging the issue and playing games.

I think you are not an atheist, but merely a faux atheist poseur who is afraid to deny that God exist because you know what my followup question is going to be. Namely, what proof and evidence do you have that God does not exist. Furthermore, there is plenty of proof and evidence that God does exist that you certainly cannot refute (See: Arguments for the existence of God and Christian apologetics and Rebuttals to atheist arguments).

Therefore, I have no interest in continuing this discussion because you not being forthright and are wasting my time. Conservative 04:33, 21 May 2015 (EDT)