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I removed the "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes" quote because there seems to be open debate on who to attribute the quote too, and it probably isn't neccesary for this article. 1 --Colest 11:26, 8 May 2007 (EDT)

Put it back because he did say it. Lol and also if we add more we CAN put it back in the article.--Will N. 11:28, 8 May 2007 (EDT)

Just pointing out what I've read about it. I'm fine with including it in a Quotes section if there is a consensus that he said it. --Colest 11:32, 8 May 2007 (EDT)

I only reverted yours because I had fixed several grammatical and spelling errors. Colest 11:39, 8 May 2007 (EDT)

Perfect way to put it!!! :)--Will N. 11:39, 8 May 2007 (EDT)

He took the city with heavy losses or he took the hill with heavy losses? Also, we should probably make sure our readers are aware this is Charlestown Heights overlooking Boston Harbor, not Charleston South Carolina. Learn together 09:09, 22 June 2007 (EDT)

Back on the 10-year old topic of "Don't shoot 'till you see the whites of their eyes!" I'd think we should more go for something along the lines of this was then it became a famous quote, but mention that it has been used before, like this page says [1]. It's up to you all, though. --David B (talk) 18:51, 10 March 2016 (EST)