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In part, this page is a needful Christian (thus conservative) response the Egalitarian page, an essay which is so liberal i am surprised it is here, in its content and style. Its prolixity renders it an expanded version of subtle serpentine sophistry speaking "hath God said?" as regards that only men are normally to be in leadership, and then denying it altogether. Check out

And lest the other recourse be exercised by those opposed to complementarianism, that of personal charges of misogyny, let me say that i think women are like butter on toast, and we men are the toast (sometimes burnt, but some women are rather chilled), and also able to be used in ministry like men are, in their respective positions, nor do i have a personal thing with women rulers, but commitment to sound doctrine is an issue, and liberal attempts (and CE is certainly such) to controvert what the Bible says on such a foundational issue much moves me to respond, by God's grace. Daniel1212 10:05, 17 January 2010 (EST)