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No. To live without values is itself a value.

In order to answer this, we need to define the term "morality". "Morality" is defined on this website as "... a code of behavior by which people conduct their lives."

You will find out when all Christians are raptured

Christians are the salt of the world and a little bit goes a long way affecting the whole batch, i.e., all of humanity. If you don't base your moral code on the foundation that God has provided in His Word, you can rationalize any behavior.
People are born selfish and even Christians live in a body that belongs to Satan that will eventually rot. At least a person who puts his faith in Christ to guide him has the ability to do some good works and be a light that reflects God's glory.
When Christians leave the earth at the rapture, the unbelievers will see chaos, with no relief or escape. They do not know that the present order in the world is from God through men who chose to be faithful and trust in Him completely for wisdom and guidance.
God created the flood to kill off all the corrupted beings to start over working with a faithful few.
Everything God shows us in the Bible points to the fact that we cannot live together using our own power, but need to completely depend on Him.--Maxygolf 01:33, 16 July 2012 (EDT)