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This article is dire need of a complete rewrite. First of all dementia is not a disease. Second dementia is not commonly known as clinical insanity. The sentence on diagnoses and treatment is completely wrong. The statement on a disproportionate number of scientists etc. suffering from dementia is junk. The final sentence is, to be quite honest, offensive. I'll work on rewriting the article. I might even source the claims I add to the article, something that the original authors couldn't be bothered doing in a clear violation of the Conservapedia commandments.

I apologise in advance for the tone of these comments but I cannot think why someone would write such tripe about such an important subject without even bothering to look at a single reference. People living with dementia have enough on their plate without the callous and thoughtless assertions of the authors of this article. I shudder to think that someone would look at this article in its current form to find out about dementia. Authors, please engage brain before adding to articles such as this. AndyJM 09:41, 24 February 2009 (EST)