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It would be great if this article was updated to state that this institution is most certainly not an institution for the poor. It costs in excess of £26,000 per year - At the moment equating to around $53,000 per school year - This is not reflected in your article and really should be.

It might also be welcome to note the high % of British MP's who have attended this school and Harrow - A Fact that is causing democratic issues within the British system - To name a few Ex Etonian's :

Bill Wiggin Boris Johnson Nick Hurd Henry Bellingham Andrew Hargreaves James Arbuthnot Richard Fletcher-Vane, 2nd Baron Inglewood David Tredinnick Tom Sackville David Rendel David Cameron

Done. And it's not a university, too. Pachyderm 08:39, 23 October 2007 (EDT)