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All I can say about the issue is Charles Darwin may be a scientist, but was a product of his time (mid 19th century) and scientists admit to be wrong at times about a few theories, even Darwin can be wrong on something like ethnic or racial differences between groups of fellow humans. Usually, racial propaganda about "smarter" people vs. "dumb" minorities/foreigners/social pariahs are concocted by members of ultra-nationalist regimes when they are at war (i.e. British WW1 posters on Germans are Kaiser-like primates) or governments dislike the idea of diverse cultures wanting everyone to believe, speak and dress alike. Evolutionary racists like nativists in the USA may want immigrants to stop speaking foreign languages since "everyone in America only uses English" and "if they can't learn our language, then their brains are less evolved", thus are believers in a theory of certain races/ethnic minorities are unable to's just cultural misunderstanding as it takes years for one to completely adapt to a new culture. + Getitstraight 16:10, 14 December 2009 (EST)

Hey guys, evolutionary racism makes no sense. If Hitler really believed in evolution and survival of the fittest, why would he set up a system to exterminate people? That is systematic genocide, not evolution. If Hitler really believed in evolution, he would think "hmm, those jews are inferior, so they will be slightly less capable of reproducing than others, and after millions of years their population will be smaller in comparison to races with genes better suited to their environment, which is assuming that they don't have children with non-jews and mix up the gene pool." Instead, Hitler wanted a scapegoat to skyrocket national pride and make himself an all-powerful dictator.--Malirin 14:36, 10 April 2010 (EDT)