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Shouldn't this article mention

- the Institute for Social Research's origin as the Institute for Marxism? -->Rolf Wiggershaus, The Frankfurt School: Its History, Theories, and Political Significance (MIT Press, 1995), ISBN 0262731134, p. 9 et sec.
- Lord Beveridge's 1933 attempt to move the ISR from Frankfurt to the Fabian Society-founded London School of Economics -- aborted via the intervention of Lionel Robbins and Friedrich Hayek? (Robbins warned: "The organization in question was well known as a stronghold of Marxism in Germany; and here was a proposal to bring about, without any consultation with the academic body what, in the eyes of the public at any rate, would be virtual amalgamation ... It might involve the introduction of something quite alien to the principles on which the School had been founded; and it certainly ran the danger of appearing to confirm all the ignorant misrepresentations to which we were always subject." -->Lord Robbins, Autobiography of an Economist (Springer, 1971), ISBN 1349011649, p. 139)
-Edward R. Murrow's work with Laurence Duggan (Venona's PRINCE) in the U.S. Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars, successfully bringing the ISR to America? -->A. M. Sperber, Murrow, His Life and Times (Fordham University Press, 1998), ISBN 0823218821, p. 63
- the role of Hede Gumperz/Massing (REDHEAD) in successfully negotiating its move to Columbia University, and of Franz Neumann (RUFF) in the ISR?