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Parallel universes and fringe science

Hello :) I have a couple of questions about information on this page. First of all, are parallel universes really considered a pseudoscience here? The Interpretations section of Quantum physics provides an overview of the "many worlds" interpretation without labelling it as such (or really commenting on it at all other than it being the lesser prevailing of the two significant modern theories), which made me wonder. Second of all, I do question the statement that the programme "has been known to promote pseudoscience such as evolution, parallel universes, and telepathy, among others. This makes it appear to be a propaganda tool for the liberal media".

Fringe is based upon the fictional premise that many fringe sciences are at least possible, but isn't it possible that that is simply a fictional tool for the purposes of entertainment, and we're supposed to use suspense of disbelief to enjoy it? Much like how various Star Trek/Star Wars technologies or biological systems are supposed to function (the "Heisenberg Compensator" of Star Trek's transporters comes to mind, as do aliens that age in reverse or shape-shifters that change their mass)? I'm not American, so I'm less familiar with your political system, but to me the programme does not seem to have any political or religious biases, the character of Walter Bishop for example insisting upon having a Bible in the first episode, in case anything goes wrong with an experimental procedure he's performing on two characters. He also states in this episode that his belief in God has waned, but later in the series, he reacquires his faith in (I believe) both timelines. Marianne 09:38, 24 May 2012 (EDT)