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Looks like they are "conservatives in name only". I wouldn't put it past them to say they favor planks in the conservative agenda, just to get people to listen to their liberal ideas about homosexuality.

Homosexuals are notorious liars. --Ed Poor Talk 14:29, 15 February 2011 (EST)

Not a Liberal Organization

They are only liberal on one issue and conservative on all others. They endorsed Mitt Romney for President. So, I removed that category. I could't find a category specifically for homosexual activist organizations. If someone can find one or knows how to create one, I'd suggest doing so. But we can't really call GOProud a "liberal organization" when they're only liberal on one issue. Libertarian, perhaps, but they don't necessarily side with the libertarians on issues like the War on Terror, the PATRIOT Act, or marijuana legalization, and I believe they officially side with the GOP in favor of the first two (where libertarians would be against). I don't think they have a stance on the third, but they'd probably support whatever the GOP might say in the future. So that doesn't seem right either, at least without them endorsing a single LP candidate and also specifically declining to endorse Gary Johnson over Mitt Romney in spite of his stance that same-sex marriage is Constitutionally protected by the Equal Protection Clause and Romney's stance that we should pass an Amendment outlawing it. They are clearly a homosexual activist organization, though. If someone knows how to create that category or can find it when I couldn't, please add it. Gregkochuconn 12:11, 12 October 2012 (EDT)