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Natural selection is a valid and obvious principle. However, the Theory of "evolution by means of natural selection" is a bit of a stretch, at best.

  • According to this theory, natural selection is the directing or creative force of evolution. That is, it is more than just a force for weeding out unfit organisms—a concept accepted by natural theologians, who accepted it as a force for removing unfit organisms, but not for directing major evolutionary change.
  • Evidence for the theory of modification by natural selection is seen on the microevolutionary level, such as the development of bacterial resistance. However, the view that natural selection is the primary causal agent in macroevolutionary change remains controversial. There are evolutionists, such as Gould (2002), who question whether one can extrapolate from microevolutionary change to macroevolutionary change. [1]

We should not use a misleading or controversial idea as an example of great minds thinking alike. --Ed Poor Talk 11:08, 23 November 2008 (EST)

Mathematics teacher

A real maths teacher should know what 90/10 means. Blocking User:Olen and deleting his innocent TALK page post for 90/10, if that is not parody, what is? --Vihaatte 11:32, 23 November 2008 (EST)