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Origins of Group Theory

It is generally recognised that Group Theory began with Evariste Galois in the early 19th century, who recognised some patterns in the roots of Quintics. The legend is that he invented Group Theory the night before he was killed in a duel.

Galois certainly fought a duel with Perscheux d'Herbinville on 30 May, 1832 (the reason for the duel not being clear but definitely linked with a female; many sources claim she was a prosititute.) Galois was wounded in the duel and was abandoned by d'Herbinville and his own seconds and found later by a peasant. He died in Cochin hospital on 31 May.

In his papers was found a note which reads:

   There is something to complete in this demonstration. I do not have the time. 

It is this which has led to the legend that he spent his last night writing out all he knew about group theory.

--CatWatcher 13:41, 6 April 2007 (EDT)