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I have tried to merge this article with Harry S Truman as is suggested on the top of this article. I hope it can have it's title merged as well. --User:Additioner 23 April, 2007.

Thanks whoever got the pages together. --User:Additioner 27 April, 2007, 17:56

Disinformation?! A rather harsh term for a difference of opinion (or a difference in education). Is it common policy to issue a warning for adding information to an article that happens to be unknown to a sysop? It is well-known that the United States was concerned about the Soviet Union taking more territory at the end of World War II, and that they had already occupied the Sakhalin Islands north of Japan. It was suspected that Hokkaido was next. This added real urgency to ending the war with Japan quickly. It was one of a number of factors that were considered in the decision to drop the bomb. RobS, I suspect you are taking yourself far too seriously. NitramNos

Easy solution: give us a citation. RobS 10:37, 1 June 2007 (EDT)

new material

I added a lot of new material, which I wrote and posted previously to Citizendium. RJJensen 05:06, 14 September 2008 (EDT)