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This article could be expanded a great deal. I'd like to know about the history of IE, and its place in the history of the web browser in general.

  • What about the fight with Netscape Navigator?
  • How popular is it, and how would we measure its popularity if they simply give it away with each copy of Windows?
    If you don't buy a Mac, you get IE preinstalled. Most users don't even know how to download and install new software, so staying with what it came with doesn't mean much.
  • What are its security problems, in more detail? Why hasn't Microsoft addressed these? Are there solutions or alternatives?
  • Most interesting would be the web standards aspect. How about the CSS box model, for example? Or the need for JavaScript programmers to write every piece of code twice: once for IE, plus once for FireFox and other standards-compliant browsers.

This article is lightweight and haphazard. I'm going to delete it if no one helps me fix it up. Better to have nothing, than something this lame. --Ed Poor Talk 15:35, 16 August 2011 (EDT)