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This page is much to kind to liberals. -- ChrisWa I suggest the addition of a section on criticisms or controversy.

No, because then people like myself will whine. -_- Fuzzy 18:47, 26 February 2008 (EST)

I finally understand conservapedia: it's a satire of what passes for conservative thought in the more extreme reaches of the 'net. That aschlafly is an absolute master of irony. This article started out as a sober rendition of liberal Christianity -- boring, boring, boring -- until aschlafly put his magic touch to it. Now it's hilariously funny, as long as I remember that this whole site is a parody of an actual encyclopedia! The joke's on me: it just took me too long to fully appreciate the subtle irony that permeates this site. And aschlafly -- if you're following this; if you're not really a committee of professional comedians -- my hat's off to you, sir! Keep up the wickedly satirical work; and you can count on me to keep the joke quiet, so that other pilgrims can experience the belly laugh I'm enjoying right now. Mrb

Mrb, I suggest you take your liberal bias elsewhere. -- ChrisWa