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User:Ed Poor, as far as I can see it is your idea to put quotations into templates and allow for easy re-use. At the moment, I'm not convinced by this concept, but I have assembled all the quotes I could find - using the category:template quotes. At the moment, these are the following

quote number of tranclusions
Template:Dictatorship-democracy-Hoover 2
Template:Dalrymple-rauf 0
Template:Famine of 1933 0
Template:Friedman-roosevelt-depression 2
Template:Gardner-things-names 1
Template:Lott-concealed 1
Template:Orwell-swearing 0
Template:Money and climate 2
  • perhaps we should provide a general list of useful quotations? This would more appropriate for quotes which are used only one time or less. Another idea is to put them into their own name-space, and start a wiki-quote project: this is less confusing than have them all (?) in the templates' name-space.
  • None of the quotations I have found was used more than two times - did I miss one?

AugustO 12:38, 17 June 2012 (EDT)