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::Let me illustrate the pathetic absurdity of trying to justify your error in judgment of accepting any statement from the Ukrainian government as fact: you defend yourself, and not even the liars who are the source of this propaganda, with "Yah but Red Army soldiers engaged in mass rape 77 years ago;" okay we accept your defense at face value. Now, do Red Army soldier sing the praises and read the writings of Joseph Stalin? Ukrainian children and teen rappers sing the praises of [[Stepan Bandera]]. His writings are taught to soldiers and in schools. Hia slogan is the official, AFU slogan, ''Slava Ukraine'' - the Ukrainian equivalent of "Heil Hitler". The AFU is for all intents and purposes the renamed [[OUN]] and [[UPA]] - that's were its roots lay.
::Let me illustrate the pathetic absurdity of trying to justify your error in judgment of accepting any statement from the Ukrainian government as fact: you defend yourself, and not even the liars who are the source of this propaganda, with "Yah but Red Army soldiers engaged in mass rape 77 years ago;" okay we accept your defense at face value. Now, do Red Army soldier sing the praises and read the writings of Joseph Stalin? Ukrainian children and teen rappers sing the praises of [[Stepan Bandera]]. His writings are taught to soldiers and in schools. Hia slogan is the official, AFU slogan, ''Slava Ukraine'' - the Ukrainian equivalent of "Heil Hitler". The AFU is for all intents and purposes the renamed [[OUN]] and [[UPA]] - that's where its roots lay.
::So, you wanna talk about Red Army rapes more than 70 years ago. Fine. There have been reforms and changes. [https://www.bitchute.com/video/UfI5UEiTpavL/ These Polish survivors wanna talk about Ukrainian Nazi mass murders of Poles more than 70 years ago.]  But NATO would have you believe Ukrainians and Poles are blood brothers.  
::So, you wanna talk about Red Army rapes more than 70 years ago. Fine. There have been reforms and changes. [https://www.bitchute.com/video/UfI5UEiTpavL/ These Polish survivors wanna talk about Ukrainian Nazi mass murders of Poles more than 70 years ago.]  But NATO would have you believe Ukrainians and Poles are blood brothers.  

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Archive Index

Biden and "the second pandemic"

“We need more money to plan for the second pandemic," Biden said. "There’s going to be another pandemic. We have to think ahead. And that’s not something the last outfit did very well. That’s something we’ve been doing fairly well. That’s why we need the money.”[2] When Biden took office on January 20, 2021, the U.S. covid death count was at 420,000.[3] Now it is at 1.04 million, according to Statista. As there were substantially more American covid deaths under Biden than under Trump, one has to wonder if masks, lockdowns, and vaccines actually had any effect. The one constant is that no matter how many die, Biden will remain insufferably proud of himself. The phrase "the second pandemic" sounds he knows something, or could ask Shi Zhengli and Peter Daszak to engineer another outbreak. PeterKa (talk) 11:08, June 23, 2022 (EDT)

Jake Dreizin: "The death toll will be MUCH higher than 2020-2021. As everyone tries to hide and avoid the damn thing, I think there will be an economic breakdown, very high or hyper inflation, power outages, fuel shortages, “boil water” advisories, looting in the cities, and shortages of literally everything, which will last for years.
"(The one thing I don’t anticipate—in the USA, at least—is a true famine situation, although, I could be wrong about that. But it’s not on my radar.)
"Furthermore, I think that, at least at the outset (and you don’t have to be a genius to perceive this), governments and their propagandists will blame the plague on the “deplorable” population that did not get vakk-synn-ay-tted.
"There will be a campaign of hate like we’ve never seen. However, I don’t think it will be successful, as reality will hammer through the bullsh*t wall with terajoules of blunt force.
"I think this time, it will be particularly horrendous in that children (if they are vakk-syn-ay-tted and especially if they are booss-tted) will not be spared. I think things will get ABSOLUTELY CRAZY when many people see their pre-teen or infant children die because of the government’s bullsh*t." [4]
RobSZ+ 12:47, June 23, 2022 (EDT)

Biden's DOE moves to abolish women's sports

Abolishing sex-segregated sports resolves a logical contradiction at the heart of the trans agenda. Allowing biologically male athletes to compete in women's sport takes away slots that belong to women under Title IX. No more women's sports means this problem is solved. But how is this a step forward? Who benefits? And what happened to feminism? See "Biden Administration Moves to Expand Title IX to Eliminate Gender-Exclusive College Facilities, Sports Teams." PeterKa (talk) 18:42, June 23, 2022 (EDT)

They couldn't have picked a better election year issue. And this won't go over well with younger female voters, too. It's time for conservatives to find common cause and team up with feminists in a coalition against transgenderism. RobSZ+ 19:32, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
Here is the AP's take: "In a letter to Cardona on Thursday, attorneys general in 18 Republican-led states pushed against protections for transgender students, saying it would “destroy women’s sports.” The group, led by Montana and Indiana, vowed to fight the changes “with every available tool in our arsenal.”"[5] So what will happen to women's sports? Although this is a lengthy article, there are no further details on this subject. Someday soon women's sports could be gone. The Dems are hoping that you won't notice until it is too late. PeterKa (talk) 21:44, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
It's indicative of the bad judgement and lack of foresight Dems and leftists possess. They pick these fights they cannot win. They imagine themselves being heroes or advocates for the oppressed or something, and end up doing more harm than good. You see the same thing in Ukraine right now. RobSZ+ 22:12, June 23, 2022 (EDT)
Ardent pro-transexual advocacy is the left's version of Pickett's charge. Conservative (talk) 05:43, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

School choice U.S. Supreme Court case: Biggest blow to American atheism in the 21st century since Donald Trump

The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) strikes down Maine’s ban on using public funds at religious schools.[6]

'Victory for religious freedom': 7 reactions to Supreme Court ruling on Maine's tuition program.[7] See also: Atheist indoctrination and Religion and education

Donald Trump was instrumental in putting in the US Supreme Court judges that caused this ruling to take place.

The irony is that Donald Trump isn't a particularly religious man.

Regardless, since the USA's public school system is now often indoctrinating people into secular values, this SCOTUS decision is the worst thing ever to happen to American atheism in the 21st century. Conservative (talk) 05:12, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

Roe Overturned!

I have just received breaking news that Roe v. Wade has been overturned finally![8][9] -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 10:29, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

Be prepared to defend your churches tonight as well.[10] -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 12:22, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

It was 6-3 too, meaning that even John Roberts supported overturning it. Wow. -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 10:27, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

We need a good catchy headline. How about, "SCOTUS aborts Roe v. Wade? RobSZ+ 12:09, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
Excellent headline, RobS.--Geopolitician (talk) 12:39, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

Yeah, that would be great. I love it. -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 12:19, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

"SCOTUS aborts Roe v. Wade ending the ability to slaughter innocent unborn life in most states, a victory for life, Christianity, and family" --IScott (talk) 12:22, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

Based. -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 12:24, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

The demon called Roe is back in Hell where it belongs today.--Geopolitician (talk) 12:38, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

And it can stay there for all eternity. -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 12:46, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
So, are the Nights of Rage on for tonight? As a boomer, I'm humbled and flattered by the homage being paid, but can't you guys come up with something original for yourselves? RobSZ+ 12:57, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

The "Nights of Rage" will certainly occur tonight, and probably over the course of the next few days. As for the name, I don't know who came up with it, but it is fine with me. -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 13:01, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

What's ironic is the Days of Rage pre-dates Roe. Given the perspective of a lifetime, and paraphrasing Solzhenitsyn's "Men have Forgotten God", I recall hearing older people justifying abortion in 1973 after seeing what the boomers did in 1968 during the Days of Rage. They figured if they had abortion in 1947, their children wouldn't be burning down cities and attacking the Capitol in 1968. RobSZ+ 13:11, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
Congrats to you, the United States is finally having some victories again!--CatolicoAustral (talk) 16:49, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
Supreme Court Decision Could Spell Trouble For GOP Governors. RobSZ+ 17:02, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
The Dems are convinced that this issue is their ticket, but 67 percent of likely voters want abortion to be illegal after 12 weeks.[11] PeterKa (talk) 02:05, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
They will be able to mobilize a bloc of voters, say females in their 20s & 30s, who figure a promiscuous lifestyle is more important than high gas & food prices. So it will be a difficult balancing act for candidates. RobSZ+ 02:37, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
You need to learn all the coded language. For example, "Do you oppose women's health?" RobSZ+ 02:40, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Obvious answer: "Yes. I am adamantly opposed to women's health."
Now, Dems claim there will be two Americas. [12] The situation is little different than after the repeal of Prohibition - liquor laws vary throughout the U.S., and there are whole "dry counties" in some states. Nor is it different from the restrictions on strip clubs whose presence is based on community values. RobSZ+ 11:21, June 25, 2022 (EDT)

Norway shooting

In Norway a country with most restricted gun control, Mass shooting in gay bar leave 2 dead and 14 wounded.

2 Killed and at Least 14 Wounded in Shooting in Norway’s Capital --Alex Kosh (talk) 22:51, June 24, 2022 (EDT)

Was it a disgruntled gay customer upset with other gay patrons? We would need verification on that yah or nay before reporting on it. RobSZ+ 22:57, June 24, 2022 (EDT)
So it was a lovers spat, but you won't hear about that since the shooting has been reported by Toronto Sun, The Telegraph India, Gulf News, Hindustan Times, Xinhua, The Daily Mail, Al Jazeera and BBC News and the big story is beefing up security for tomorrow's parade against another "homophobic" attack by "another" gun toting idiot, which is why of course we need special laws granting special rights to this special group. RobSZ+ 00:10, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Them killing each other is honestly just doing us all a favour --IScott (talk) 01:37, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Sounds kinda like hate speech doesn't it?
Our official position in CP is to educate and warn people, particularly young people, of the effects of personal choices in life. We do not favor or advocate violence or hate against other people. RobSZ+ 02:33, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Unless it is against Ukrainians. Am I right?--Chewy Suarez (talk) 12:14, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Are the resident civilians of Donetsk Ukrainians and/or citizens of Ukraine? Or Odessa? Were the 48 people burnt alive in the Odessa Trade Unions House massacre Ukrainians? RobSZ+ 12:18, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
All Nazis don't deserve to live perhaps. As you have suggested that all Ukrainians have Nazi tattoos then do they all deserve to die? Even the kids? So much for not condoning violence. By the way the sites you get your "News" from, they are all right wing extremist conspiracy sites. I have said it before and say it again, you are a self righteous hypocrite.--Chewy Suarez (talk) 12:44, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
I'm losing patience with your trolling quickly. Answer me, is an ethnic Russian born in Ukraine a Ukrainian? RobSZ+ 12:53, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Yes. Just as a ethnic Mexican born in The USA is an American.--Chewy Suarez (talk) 12:58, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
So (1) Why is the government of Ukraine murdering its own citizens? (2) Why does the United States government policy support the Ukrainian government's democidal war on its own citizens? RobSZ+ 13:01, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
(1) They're not. (2) There not. There's no point of talking to you about this as long as you keep getting your news from pro Putin propaganda sites.--Chewy Suarez (talk) 13:36, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Enjoy your block for trolling. RobSZ+ 14:39, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Some news reported that the shooter is radical muslim

Norway attack: Mass shooting suspect 'radicalised Islamist' - as terror threat raised to highest level --Alex Kosh (talk) 14:11, June 26, 2022 (EDT)

So a gay Iranian Muslim was jealous cause his boyfriend was fooling around with 19 other guys. That's why I said we should be careful with stories like this. RobSZ+ 14:19, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
I agree but I am reported this as failure sign to those who want more gun control, to showed that gun control dont work --Alex Kosh (talk) 18:04, June 27, 2022 (EDT)
That's a valid point, however the story is used to attack innocent straight people as homophobes and further gay rights rather than inform people about the far greater degree of violence in homosexual relationships. RobSZ+ 21:24, June 27, 2022 (EDT)

Roe vs. Wade was overturned during pride month

"Roe vs. Wade was overturned during pride month." - Steve Turley, American conservative

Oh humbled American liberals, feel the sting!

"By the end of the century, three quarters of America may be pro-life. Their activism will leap over the borders of the 'Redeemer Nation' to evangelize the world. Already, the rise of the World Congress of Families has launched a global religious right, its arms stretching across the bloody lines of the War on Terror to embrace the entire Abrahamic family." - Eric Kaufmann, his 2010 book Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?[1]
Ten year old girls who are forced to give birth after being victims of rape and/or incest are certainly going to feel the sting as their immature bodies are forced into something they are not yet mature enough to endure, liberal or no.--Chewy Suarez (talk) 12:17, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Chewy Suarez, about 70 to 80% of rapists come from single-mother homes.[13] Does this mean that you are now a proponent of conservative, Christian values that forbid premarital sex? Conservative (talk) 01:30, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
Really? Show me one law on the books in any of the 50 states and 7 territories that mandates that? RobSZ+ 12:24, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
[14] or do you want more than one?--Chewy Suarez (talk) 12:45, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
This is a joke. In 20 years, when blacks outnumber whites in Louisianna cause abortion is banned (38% of all abortions are black} we'll come back here and have you eat those words, and the tv monitor with it, and a side of Cajun Gumbo. RobSZ+ 19:36, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
Your Louisianna law just got blocked. [15] Please have clue what you are talking about next time before you troll my valuable time again. RobSZ+ 21:15, June 27, 2022 (EDT)

Look at the date, there are literally people in this world who have not eaten or slept since it was passed.--Chewy Suarez (talk) 12:47, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
Oh, wow. Perhaps we have cognitive issues here. The law does not "force" the child to have a baby. Abortion tourism and Jeff Bezos Amazon.com for abortion pills remain viable options. RobSZ+ 12:51, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
You challenged me to find a law to back up my statement. I found it and you moved the goalposts. When you are wrong accept it and move on.--Chewy Suarez (talk) 13:38, June 25, 2022 (EDT)
The law does not force anybody to do anything. RobSZ+ 14:38, June 25, 2022 (EDT)

Politico: A study predicted that abortions would go down 15% if Roe vs. Wade would be overturned which would mean 94,000 to 144,000 less abortions each year. Since this would affect poor, rural people more (less funds to travel to an abortion-friendly state) and since poor rural people tend to be more religious, this would be a net increase in the amount of projected desecularization in 21st century America.

First Joe Biden opens wider the spigot of religious Latinos pouring over the southern border and now this!

For more information, please see: United States, irreligion vs. religion and demographics and Religion and migration Conservative (talk) 00:38, June 26, 2022 (EDT)

The abortion issue doesn't help your red wave. Abortion is no longer a national issue - it's a state issue. Every candidate on the ballot from Governor down to dog catcher now has to answer what their stand on abortion is. RobSZ+ 10:16, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
It's not my red wave. That is like saying "your ocean wave". Regardless, things like inflation (including gas prices), crime, the Biden administration's general incompetence, etc. are going to play a much bigger role than the abortion issue in the midterms. Pocketbook issues will be a very big role in the midterm elections.
But I will admit that Dems hope abortion ruling stops their slide in blue states and maybe their political hopes are justified.
Overall, long-term abortion rights will hurt states with liberal abortion rights because they will have less population growth or bigger declines in their population. Therefore, they will have less voting power in national elections.
Regardless, baby killing is wrong, anti-family and it degrades a culture. I am glad Roe vs. Wade was overturned. Conservative (talk) 11:41, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
What you have is an angry, fired up, and motivated base on the Dem side. This makes it more difficult to persuade neutral and independent voters, who are the key to GOP success. Now those neutrals have to balance counterbalancing arguments - such as the Right is homophobic, racist, bigoted, gun toting religious nutcases who want to, or have, taken away women's rights.
My point is, these specious arguments can, and should be, avoided. But now they need to be countered directly. And spiking the football in the endzone before the clock runs out can, and will be, demoralizing. We heard the same 'ol same 'ol talk about a Trump red wave in 2020, remember? RobSZ+ 13:15, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
Restated: Focus on addressing specific issues in a timely manner, and not cheerleading to a limited audience or just preaching to the choir. RobSZ+ 13:22, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
I don't see a violent revolution happening because of Roe vs. Wade. Much of the emotionalism/hysterics will die down after 2 months. And women lack testosterone which makes them less aggressive (less likely to wind up in prison due to assault, fighting, violent crimes). And women are far less likely to be able to overpower the police protecting the Supreme Court. I don't see feminist women scaling barricades and confronting policemen with nightsticks. Sure there are angry, liberal/leftist men who are mad it will be more difficult for them to have sex without as much consequences, but many liberal/leftists guys care less about the abortion issue than liberal women.
After all is said and done, this is a big blow to feminism which is a very destructive ideology that is anti-family and causes a lot of needless friction between the sexes. And abortion is murder. It is also a big blow to the ideology of liberalism. Conservative (talk) 13:51, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
I got about 3 dozen more videos like this. Can't keep up with them cause they're coming so fast.
And you are absolutely wrong about feminism or criticizing feminists right now. Feminists are the key allies of conservatives against transgenderism and retaking girls sports. RobSZ+ 13:59, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
As far as my taunts, they are mainly directed to the gentlemen at a certain website that lost a tremendous amount of web traffic in the latter part of 2019 and throughout most the first half of 2020. Also, I have noticed that morale is down at their website as the apparent red wave has been building (Red waves are positively correlated to presidential disapproval polling and also the generic ballot (based on polls that ask people which party they would support in an upcoming election - Like GOP or Democrat). Conservative (talk) 14:04, June 26, 2022 (EDT)

Ferdinand Braudel, a French historian, rightly said that revolutions rarely achieve their aims. Leftist protests against the overturning Roe vs. Wade will probably not achieve anything. The violence that preceded the 2016 election of Donald Trump failed. So will this in all likelihood. Conservative (talk) 14:07, June 26, 2022 (EDT)

Feminism stinks. Divorce went up post feminism and divorce leaves a trail of tears and destruction behind it. Women's reported happiness went down post feminism and there are plenty of women who are anti-feminism. In some cultures, men are avoiding marriage and feminism is partly to blame (So feminism helps create more women who want to marry, but don't. The same with homosexuality since men are more likely to be homosexuals).
“But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” - The Apostle Paul, 1 Corinthians 11:3
"For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor." - The Apostle Paul, 1 Timothy 2: 13-14 Conservative (talk) 14:10, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
(ec) BTW, what do you think of this 49 sec clip? It outlines the Russo-Ukraine war from the Russian perspective (which includes Chechen Muslims who shout 'Allahu Akbar' every time they kill a soldier of the pro-LGBT Ukrainian regime). And here's your $53 billion tax dollars in a gay recruiting ad for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. RobSZ+ 14:11, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
And you're preaching to the choir again. Please hold you trashing of feminists until after the elections and the transgender movement is defeeated.
We all know how you feel and what our own sentiments are. But the time is short between now and November, and you're not helping. RobSZ+ 14:14, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
There are things about modern Western culture that are better than Russian culture and vice versa. But overall, I am glad I live in the West rather than Russia which has very big problems with kleptocracy/corruption and authoritarianism. Protestantism is less authoritarian than Eastern Orthodox religion and the West has been more influenced by Protestanism than Eastern Europe and Russia. It is true that the homosexual agenda is not tolerated in Russia and feminism is not as prevalent, but the same could be said about Communist China and Muslim countries. And I would not want to live in Communist China or an Islamic country. Conservative (talk) 14:22, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
Yah well nobody's voting on that in November. Bottomline: Christians and Muslims in Russia are taking up arms to beat back the LGBT movement.
Ask yourself, if you were 18 or 19, would you have the courage or be willing to do that? or would you say it makes no difference if the gays take over the world? RobSZ+ 14:25, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
And young people in Ukraine think it's a sacred god-given right for one man to drill another in the butt, which they are willing to die for. These are the "Western values" they learned from the US and the West. RobSZ+ 14:31, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
By the way, I am going to be doing less taunting henceforth. The Apostle Paul said to be at peace with all men, if possible. Overall, it is better to live in peace with like-minded individuals and evangelize to a more open-minded audience than dogmatic atheists/agnostics (see: Atheism and open-mindedness and Atheism and dogmatism).
But a certain amount of taunting is acceptable/useful. Like the prophet Elijah taunted the prophets of Baal.
As far as war, it is to be avoided, if possible. I subscribe to Just War Theory (which has some ties to Saint Augustine). And there will come a time will war will end and swords will be beaten into plowshares. Perhaps some war production will be converted to civilian uses such as military helicopters being turned into civilian ones. Conservative (talk) 14:34, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
Well, okay. But it's a matter of technique. I love taunting by throwing their own ideas and words back at them, that' way it's not me taunting, they are taunting themselves and their own consciences (God kinda does a lot of that in the Bible). RobSZ+ 14:40, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
I doubt "gays will take over the world". Western Europe is expected to shrink in the coming years due to its sub-replacement level of fertility and its aging population. As Professor John Mearsheimer says, "Europe is a museum". According to Euronews: "New research has forecast the European Union's population will plummet by millions more than previously predicted. The United Nations has said the number of people in the bloc will drop to 365 million by 2100, down from 446 million today. But a new study, published in the medical journal The Lancet, predicts it will fall more sharply, to 308 million by the end of the century."[16]
97% of the world's population growth is taking place in the developing world, where 95% of people are religious.[17] Islam and conservative Christianity are the two big drivers of population growth.
The homosexual population has a low fertility rate and public education is shrinking in size as time goes on while private/religious schools are increasing in market share. So there could be less homosexuality related indoctrination down the pike. Conservative (talk) 14:54, June 26, 2022 (EDT)
Factually tipping over ideological, sacred cows has some utility to it as it is educational. I have noticed that the material I created on atheism has helped take some of the wind out of the sails of online atheists and they are far less arrogant if they visit Conservapedia. Internet atheism is a shadow of its former self after the decline of the atheist movement. Conservative (talk) 15:15, June 26, 2022 (EDT)

I looked at your video entitled SPICY NEW UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR MEME. The Russian soldier appearing at the 17 second mark is wearing a black mask. It is probably due to the war crimes he is commiting against Ukrainian civilians. Conservative (talk) 21:10, June 26, 2022 (EDT)

I'm worried; you're going to need an intervention or detox from your MSM addiction. That poison kills. RobSZ+ 21:35, June 26, 2022 (EDT)

Biblical significance of 49

7 x 7 = 49. 49 is the Year of Jubilee - being set free from all encumbrances. A starting over with a clean slate. RobSZ+ 00:55, June 27, 2022 (EDT)

Stenger? Arkancided?

Former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger was Arkancided? How could Conservapedia post something so completely at odds with reality? I know why. What is even more amazing is the fact a rational person would know this factoid is utter crap yet this claim is allowed to remain on the Main Page. Is this the best the ‘Best of the Public’ can do? Please correct the spelling of 'sergeant'. --LSimons (talk) 14:35, June 28, 2022 (EDT)

71 year olds die all time of natural causes all time. There are even men in their 30s who die of heart attacks. On the other hand, with government activities like Project Artichoke and Project MKUltra, who knows what the CIA is up to. And some of FBI's activities in the last several years at the highest levels has been horrible.
A quote from Wikipedia's Project Artichoke article: "A CIA report states that if hypnosis succeeded, assassins could be created to assassinate "a prominent [redacted] politician or if necessary, [an] American official."[18]
With that being said, the Clintons are probably washed up politically at this point so I doubt that they would risk such a thing. Conservative (talk) 15:22, June 28, 2022 (EDT)
LSimmons: took your suggestion. Thank you. Yes, "Arkancided" is bit more dated than "Epsteined", but the official, recorded cause of death is not hanging, either. RobSZ+ 15:38, June 28, 2022 (EDT)

Economic war between NATO countries and Russia

Axios: The West’s economic war with Russia is at a stalemate.

In the long term NATO might win an economic war (through pain will be caused to both sides), but in the short to midterm, I think Putin might have the greater odds of winning. There could be a flood of migrants to Europe due to food shortages given that Ukraine/Russia provide a lot of food/fertilizer. Last time there was a flood of migrants to Russia, right-wing populism increased in Europe. Macron and some other European politicians don't want that.

The NATO-provoked war is just cover to implement the Great Reset and blame Putin for decline in living standards. RobSZ+ 14:17, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
And the fact we are discussing an "economic war" outside Ukraine's borders should be a heads up that the Ukraine war is not a local or regional event. It's a global war (i.e. WWIII). RobSZ+ 14:21, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
Keep criticizing Putin, and we'll put you down as carrying the LGBT flag. RobSZ+ 14:25, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
You already said yourself, "Europe is a museum," so why the focus and emphasis on European social phenomenon? Europe is squarely in the LGBT camp, and your attacks on Russia do nothing to further the cause of liberation. RobSZ+ 14:31, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
It's a global war. You're not going to be able to sit on the fence, pretend to rise above it, and think it will pass. If you're not ready to take a stand against NATO warmongering and imperialism, you should at least be restrained in reciting NATO talking points. RobSZ+ 15:31, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
Due to the Democrat's weakness, I think Trump will be reelected in 2024. If Trump is reelected, and the war is still going, it will be interesting to see what he does about the NATO/Ukraine/Russia conflict. Conservative (talk) 17:09, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
We could all be nuked, frozen, starved or killed off by Round 2 of covid by then. If the GOP can retake at least one House in November, gridlock can kill off funding and weapons transfers to continue the war - provided people like yourself stop justifying attacks on Putin and Russia.
The problem is, too many Republicans are on the pro-NATO, pro-LGBT, anti-Putin bandwagon. RobSZ+ 17:28, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
Sundance: "The war against Russia will be justified as the war to stop Putin from creating mass starvation. If you cannot see how this is being constructed through all of the sub-links, citations and sources above, I cannot lay this out more clearly. A NATO and western alliance war with Russia is not a matter of “if“, it is now a question of when?"
RobSZ+ 21:09, June 29, 2022 (EDT)

In April 2010, Eric Kaufmann, who is an agnostic, declared "the rate of secularisation has flattened to zero in most of Protestant Europe and France."[19]

On December 23, 2012, Kaufmann wrote:

I argue that 97% of the world's population growth is taking place in the developing world, where 95% of people are religious.
On the other hand, the secular West and East Asia has very low fertility and a rapidly aging population... In the coming decades, the developed world's demand for workers to pay its pensions and work in its service sector will soar alongside the booming supply of young people in the third world. Ergo, we can expect significant immigration to the secular West which will import religious revival on the back of ethnic change. In addition, those with religious beliefs tend to have higher birth rates than the secular population, with fundamentalists having far larger families. The epicentre of these trends will be in immigration gateway cities like New York (a third white), Amsterdam (half Dutch), Los Angeles (28% white), and London, 45% white British.London: A Rising Island of Religion in a Secular Sea by Eric Kaufmann, Huffington Post, 2012 [20]

By 2050 or sooner, the secular population in Europe will peak. Afterward, the religious in Europe will grow in terms of their percentage in the population - including religious fundamentalists.

So yes, NATO is currently pro-homosexuality, but it might not continue to do this later in the 21st century if Jesus tarries.

Furthermore, Putin is kleptocrat and authoritarian and no amount of criticizing NATO in a legitimate way is going to change that. Conservative (talk) 21:44, June 29, 2022 (EDT)

NATO is being destroyed along with the Ukrainian army, Ukrainian state, the Pax Americana, dollar hegemony, and your standard of living. Europe will be majority religious Muslims in 2050. And no amount of trashing Putin will change that. RobSZ+ 23:15, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
"Reconquista: Today Ukraine Tomorrow Rus' and the Whole Europe" (original in English) the theme at the 2016 Kyiv party conference of the U.S.-backed Ukrainian Nazi organization.[1]
A German-Russian-Angelo-American alliance could have kept the CCP and fundamentalist Islam in check; but no; your LGBT buddies hate Russia too much and insisted on the world that is now taking shape for the next generation. RobSZ+ 23:21, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
Putin isn't angry with the US because it's promoting LGBTQ in its foreign policy. He's angry with the US because it won't respect Russia's national interests. That's exactly why he rebuffed the idea of allying with the US against China even when Trump was in charge. Thanks to the advice of stealth neocons like Bolton and Pompeo, Trump tried to reset the Russo-American relationship solely on his terms. A reset would've required leaving Iran and Syria alone, while being much harsher on Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Trump refused to leave Iran and Syria alone, continued to treat Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Ukraine as allies, and bragged about how much stronger NATO became under his watch. All of those things caused Putin to conclude that Trump wasn't going to be serious about a reset as long as he continued to employ people like Bolton and Pompeo, so despite Trump's occasional friendly statements he continued to align with China anyway.--Geopolitician (talk) 17:25, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
You have too many premature conclusions; the globalist Deep State torpedoed Trump's foreign policy agenda with the assassination of Gen.Michael Flynn 17 days into the new administration. After that, Trump was lost. RobSZ+ 17:32, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Let's look at two National Security Advisors, Jake "Al Qaade is on our side" Sullivan, and Mike Flynn. Flynn was ready to expose and root out the whole Sullivan/Ukrainian network that wanted war with Russia, Comey off-ed Flynn, and Sullivan is now conducting the Ukraine war.
Now "The Nazis are on our side". RobSZ+ 17:40, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
The real irony is that had Flynn not been off-ed even he wouldn't have succeeded in helping make a reset with Russia happen. Because he too believed that it was possible to break up the Russo-Iranian bromance, an idea that Putin has on many occasions deemed to be unacceptable.
For Putin, it wasn't not enough for Trump to make pro-Russian hires. For Putin, Trump also needed to at minimum make hires who were pro-Assad, pro-Iran, anti-Saudi, anti-Turkish, anti-Ukrainian, and above all anti-NATO.--Geopolitician (talk) 18:25, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Putin has been begging since the end of the Chechen wars (and Yeltsin before him) to join NATO. We had common enemies in 2004 - Islamism & China, but US globalists didn't see China as an enemy in 2004 two years after being granted MFN & admission to WTO. Russia's partnership with Exxon (headed by Rex Tillerson) was the source of revenue keeping the Russian government afloat. By 2016, recognition of Crimea would have cut off any flirting with China or Iran. It was the Ukro Nazis who have infiltrated the Atlantic Council and NATO (Alperovich), the DNC (the Chalupa sisters, Viktor Pinchuk), and the NSC staff (Vindman, Ciaramella) who opposed any rapprochement and guided America into direct confrontation with Russia. Meanwhile, the same Ukro Nazi oligarchs bought off the Biden family through Burisma. RobSZ+ 19:39, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Putin wouldn't have abandoned Iran even if we recognized Crimea. For Putin, the Russo-Iranian alliance is non-negotiable. Why? Because Putin isn't anti-Muslim. He's anti-Wahhabi. And since Iran is the biggest check on Wahhabi expansionism in the Middle East, Putin pretty much needs the Mullahs to stay in control in order to prevent a Ukraine-like situation from happening on Russia's southern border (with al-Qaeda and/or ISIS replacing the Azov Nazis in this scenario). Putin also needs Iran to keep a check on Turkey, because Turkey is also capable of causing a Ukraine-like situation on Russia's southern border, albeit with either al-Qaeda/ISIS or pan-Turkic nationalists (depending on Erdogan's mood). Until conservatives (who genuinely want rapprochement) accept these facts, any attempts by them to reset Russo-American relations will fail, regardless of how many concessions they make on Ukraine or Europe as a whole.
On a related note, it's precisely because of these facts that the Ukrainians who unduly influenced the Atlantic Council didn't even need to do that in order to make sure the US and Russia became enemies. They may have been too paranoid to realize it, but Russo-American hostility was already inevitable before that because of the Iran situation. In fact, I'll go even further and say that the Iran situation may have directly led to the Ukraine crisis, because Obama (and the Deep State) may have decided to have Yanukovych overthrown to get revenge for Putin helping Iran and Assad crush Wahhabism in Syria.--Geopolitician (talk) 21:36, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
You got your timeline backwards. The Iran-Russia 10 year mutual defense cooperation pact was a response to sanctions imposed after the Crimean Annexation (Iran was already under longterm sanctions). It was sanctions that drove them together (that idiot McCain, supposed big military expert, should have known sanctions didn't work in WWII nor against Saddam. It was all his idea to look tuff cause nobody wanted to go to war over Crimea). I think you're confusing Russia's contract to build a nuke plant in Iran as a military deal. Russia, with very marginal competition from France, is the only country building nuke plants throughout world, like in Brazil, Vietnam, etc. This is not considered an arms deal, just a regular export product.
Russia was considering inviting Iran to join the CSTO as early as 2007.[21] The Sino-Russian-dominated SCO allowed Iran to become an observer member even earlier, back in 2005.[22] And Foundations of Geopolitics, which has all but become the Russian answer to The Grand Chessboard, was published way back in 1997.--Geopolitician (talk) 22:33, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
That was because NATO rejected Putin's request to join and offered membership to Poland, Romania, and Georgia. 22:48, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

The Trump/Flynn plan was to pry Russia and Iran apart, patch up relations with Russia, and ignore the Crimean Annexation. This didn't sit well with big time Ukrainian oligarch donors to Adam Schiff, the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, etc like Pinchuk, Apelovitch, Hunter Biden and Vladimir Zelensky's bosses, etc. And they were getting richer and richer after the Maidan coup kicked out all the Russian oligarchs and they took control of their assets. RobSZ+ 22:06, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
And those oligarchs apparently didn't have the foresight to understand that the Trump/Flynn plan would've failed, and that they were probably going to get their war in different way than they hoped for.--Geopolitician (talk) 22:33, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Why would the plan have failed? Go ahead, show us your bias. RobSZ+ 22:50, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Oh, I know why Trump & Flynn's harebrained scheme would have failed; because of the superior wisdom and foresight of such courageous leaders as Boris Johnson, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama who all took part in the Trump-Russia plot after Putin made Obama look bad with the Crimean Annexation. Nevermind me. RobSZ+ 22:55, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Obama couldn't send troops (when Putin and Russia were weak) to retake Crimea on behalf of a corrupt white regime and defend a bunch of neo-Nazis - that wouldn't sit well with Obama's base. Putin called Obama's bluff, and earned the undying hatred of Dems & media for doing so. RobSZ+ 23:07, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
The plan would've failed because it was basically asking Russia to abandon a core national interest over a false premise. As I've stated many times before, Iran is not the real enemy in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi allies are. Putin understood this, but apparently Trump didn't. And I seriously doubt somebody like Putin would have the time or the patience to hear anybody out on proposals which are insulting to his intelligence.--Geopolitician (talk) 23:18, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
And it's because Trump opposed war with Russia, he was impeached over Ukraine. The Trump-Russia collusion hoax and Russia-Ukraine war are inextricably linked, with Impeachment 1.0 and Democrat election fraud minor stories in the bigger picture. RobSZ+ 17:47, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Clinton campaign manager John Podesta was notified by Google that his emails were hacked, not by Russia, but by Ukraine during the 2016 presidential election.[2]
Impeachment 1.0 happened because the Democrats are paranoid. They continued to fear that Trump would somehow succeed in resetting relations with Russia even after he hired stealth neocons like Bolton and Pompeo, who did everything they could to make sure the US and Russia remained enemies through their warmongering against Iran. The Democrats could've just waited it out and perhaps even allowed Trump to win a second term, hoping that those stealth neocons finally pushed Trump over the edge and got him to start a war with Russia through an Iran-related crisis. In fact, that very nearly happened while Impeachment 1.0 was playing out, and the only reason it didn't was because Tucker Carlson somehow managed to become a counterbalance to Pompeo's influence from outside the White House. Speaking of which I hope to God Tucker runs for office one day. He was/is a hero of almost unspeakable proportions for that.--Geopolitician (talk) 21:56, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Ukraine hacked John Podesta, not Russia. Trump-Russia was a Ukrainian intelligence plot in collusion with Hillary Clinton, Jake Sullivan, the Chalupa Banderites, Viktor Pinchuk, Adam Schiff, and host of other US & NATO officials to demonize Putin, thwart Flynn, thwart Trump, and put America on footing for war with Russia. Impeachment occurred after Mueller failed and Trump looked like he'd be re-elected. Bolton & Pompeo are entirely irrelevant to anything. They are mere placeholders after the Flynn/Trump plan to have Rex Tillerson - the man who negotiated the Exxon deal with Vladimir Putin in 1995 that put Putin on the map in Russian politics - failed. RobSZ+ 22:34, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
And none of that changes the fact that the Flynn/Trump plan would've failed because of the Iran issue. The Democrats clearly didn't see the obvious, and I'm not sure Trump or Flynn did either. Bolton and Pompeo probably did, but continued to push their own version of the plan and did so with malicious intent. And the reason they managed to deceive so many people on the right (and even the left) was because most Americans don't fully understand Russia's geostrategy and thus believed that the plan was compatible with it.--Geopolitician (talk) 22:53, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Bolton and Pompeo are irrelevant to anything. They are not Trump's choices. They were forced on him after Flynn was rejected by the Deep State.
Glad you finally acknowledge Pompeo is Deep State.--Geopolitician (talk) 23:28, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Your Iran arguments are pointless. While they screws were being tightened on Russia, they were being loosened on Iran with the nuke deal. RobSZ+ 23:20, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
That was mere theater. The Deep State wants Iran and China destroyed too. If they had their way, we'd be at war with all three of them and waging genocide on their people (their spirit animal Brzezinski saw them as "barbarians" after all).--Geopolitician (talk) 23:28, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
You just don't seem to get it. The Deep State made plans to destroy Russia almost, if not more than, a decade ago. Trump interrupted and delayed those plans. Now the plan is going forward. RobSZ+ 23:20, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
It was actually 25 years ago. The Grand Chessboard was published in 1997.--Geopolitician (talk) 23:28, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Your criticism of Putin sounds like Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, formerly Michael John Cirillo. Go ahead, watch all 5 minutes and tell me where your criticism of Putin differs from she/him his/hers? RobSZ+ 23:35, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
We don't know what the future Muslim birth rate will be in Europe or the future Muslim immigration policies of Europe. Over time, Muslim fertility rates are projected to decline, narrowing the gap with the non-Muslim population.[23] Also, there might be a Reconquista 2.0 in Europe. The Jews were persecuted in Europe, the same might happen with the Muslims. On the other hand, maybe religious pluralism might occur in Europe. I have no idea what will happen to European Muslims in Europe and I don't think others know either. But after all is said and done, I wish ill will on nobody. Conservative (talk) 00:54, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
There you go, spewing your neo-Nazi anti-Putin agitprop again. RobSZ+ 01:05, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Just because I said there may be a Reconquista 2.0, doesn't mean I am advocating for one. Forecasting various scenarios is not advocating them. I think there may be a very bad hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast this year. That doesn't mean I want a very bad hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast this year. The future is often unpredicatable. That is why businesses take out insurance. Conservative (talk) 02:18, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Then you need to choose your words more carefully. You need to examine the sources you quote. My advice would be, if you can't say anything good about Putin or Russia, don't say anything at all. Take your cue from Trump, or thousands of other cowardly Republicans who at least have enough sense to talk about inflation or Roe or anything else but WW III. RobSZ+ 02:25, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
For example: You have used the terms "kleptocrat" and "Putin" in the same sentence at least three times in recent weeks; however you have never once, AFAIK, used the term "kleptocrat" in the same sentence with Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Paul Pelosi. This gives one the impression that either (a) you don't know the meaning of the word, or (b) you are simply parroting the language coming out of the cul du sacs of Alexandria, Virginia, or their propaganda mouthpieces like MSNBC. If you in fact know the meaning of the word, why don't you create the Kleptocracy article we are in sore need of, rather than just pantomime globalists and propagandists? RobSZ+ 02:42, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
In fact, listening to you expound on foreign policy is like listening to London Grump, Mercian, or Grammar Commie. You repeat their talking points (and evidently believe them) verbatim. In all cases, I dismiss all of you guys comments as either uninformed, brainwashed, or hate-filled bluster. RobSZ+ 02:46, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
I did learn some things from you about the Russia vs. NATO/Ukraine conflict. I try to learn things from other people even if I don't agree with them on everything. So thank you for that.
Conservapedia doesn't have someone extolling the Biden family or Pelosi family, but it does have someone extolling someone estimated to be among one of the richest men in the world who did it through kleptocracy and being an authoritarian - namely Putin. Like Professor John J. Mearsheimer, I believe in realism when it comes to world politics and not blind cheerleading inspired by being overly ideological. Furthermore, I have realistically spoke about Zelensky and Ukraine. After all is said and done, this war in Ukraine will probably be a long-term loss for all parties involved and for the world as a whole (death, hunger, and economically) and the sooner it ends, the better.
By the way, GrammarCommie mentally broke down in a rage of bitterness and his goonish behavior has now being replaced by the gossipy LeftyGreenMario (LGM). LGM's goonish behavior will drive away any person who believes in a modicum of realism from the website so the website will have a narrow audience and will bleed web traffic long term. Mercian is a hateful, lying sourpuss who has never attracted much of an audience at a certain secular leftist wiki because he is a wet blanket who would never be the life of a party (see also: Rhythmic Muslims vs. bitter, atheist/agnostic wet blankets). I don't really follow LondonGump too much, but he does seem to have a sense of humor. Conservative (talk) 10:16, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Show me where Prof. Mearsheimer ever called Putin a kleptocrat, or Russia a kleptocracy? cause now you're putting words in his mouth.
Here's the problem: you fail to discern to distinguish between scholarship, diplomacy, and propaganda. Then you opt to let yourself look brainwashed by repeating propaganda as fact that was authored by people who hate you and want to destroy you. RobSZ+ 11:25, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

Mearsheimer is a realist as far as international relations. Technically, "Realism is one of the dominant schools of thought in international relations theory, theoretically formalising the Realpolitik statesmanship of early modern Europe. Although a highly diverse body of thought, it is unified by the belief that world politics is always and necessarily a field of conflict among actors pursuing wealth and power. The theories of realism are contrasted by the cooperative ideals of liberalism in international relations."[24]

But I was using realism in its most broadest sense - namely corresponding with reality. Eastern Orthodoxy, like Catholicism, is a very top-down religion. Plus, the people in that region were under the authoritarian Soviet Union for a long time. So it not surprising that both Putin and Zelensky have authoritarian streaks. And power corrupts and often leads to kleptocracy. Putin is an authoritarian kleptocrat. Conservative (talk) 11:39, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

My guess is that both Finland and Sweden will join NATO, but Ukraine never will. Time will tell how much of Ukraine Russia conquers. But I doubt Ukraine will get back Crimea and it may never get back a portion of Eastern Ukraine that Russia conquered. Conservative (talk) 11:50, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
The Ukrainian Joan of Arc, according to Elle fashion magazine, was arrested in connection with the murder of two Kyiv police officers in May 2022.[3]
(ec) As to Zelensky - that was a dead giveaway. And the timing proved it. "There are no Nazis in Ukraine. Zelensky's Jewish," and "Ok, there are only 900 Nazis in Ukraine." So while you were extolling the virtues of Nazism, the Nazis were murdering innocent Russian civilians.
The problem there is twofold: (1) the sources you use to repeat their propaganda; and (2) your methodology in vetting source material. Just cause it's Bloomberg News doesn't make it a qualified source. And you were quoting Conway!!! & Grammar Commie verbatim, as well. That should have at least given you a heads up.
I'm a realist, too - that's why I'm calling you out on your naive use of other people's propaganda on issues you should just stay away from. RobSZ+ 11:56, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

My guess that Putin will keep some of his territorial gains just increased. U.K.'s Boris Johnson Calls Out Putin's 'Toxic Masculinity'. I guess this means the UK is heading towards being a woke joke and that Putin will continue to have a better physique than Boris Johnson! As Trump says, woke destroys everything. Conservative (talk) 11:59, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

(ec)As the case of the Ukrainian Joan of Arc tells, it's not just the presence of Nazis among Ukrainian youth, it's becoming widespread, mainstream, and respectable. Have you contributed to that? Is Putin just full of crap about de-nazification? All your propaganda sources say so, which now you have a difficult time walking back. RobSZ+ 11:56, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

Putin's main reason for invading Ukraine was he did not want NATO on his doorstep in an area that has some ties to Russian history. Powerful countries don't like threats on their borders and the Russians perceive NATO as a threat (The USA pushed the missiles out of Cuba). The whole denazification excuse was just that. An excuse. As a common adage goes: "A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a reason that sounds good and the real reason." Conservative (talk) 12:08, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

I evidently failed to convince you to stay away from things you know nothing about. Now you're going on and on about Finland, etc or other stuff you read in the newspaper. Answer two simple questions:
(1) Where did Mearsheimer ever call Putin a kleptocrat?
(2) Are you responsible for diverting attention away from Ukrainian Nazi war crimes? RobSZ+ 12:23, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

Realism vs. liberalism

User:Conservaitve posts a definition of Realism from somewhere. It says: "The theories of realism are contrasted by the cooperative ideals of liberalism in international relations." Then he turns around and attributes "liberal" propaganda to Mearsheimer, a founder of a particular school of Realism, i.e., that Putin is a kleptocrat. Then he continues with liberal propaganda, "The whole denazification excuse blah blah bla" - in spite of the evidence that Nazism, funded by the U.S. taxpayer in Ukraine since 2014, has infected Ukrainian youth and Ukrainian society. It has always been there since at least the 1930s, but with U.S. aid over the past 8 years has become respectable, empowered, and mainstream.

The Ukrainian Joan of Arc was 11 years old when McCain & Victoria Nuland organized the Maidan coup. Billions of dollars have been pumped in since then, as well as training and arms. And Nazism has become sexy among a generation raised since then. So no, there are not 'only' 900 Nazis in Ukraine. There are whole battalions. Both men & women. Boys and girls. And Ukraine needs de-nazification. The U.S. taxpayer needs to realize that they created this problem.

Many in the ranks of the military are dead or in captivity already, along with innocent Ukrainian non-Nazis who were drafted. But the ideology of hate as of this moment survives in Ukrainian media, in schools, in the civil service, and among segments of the youth and general public because of the U.S. taxpayer. RobSZ+ 13:01, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

Ukraine presently has between 56,000 to 140,000 Jews.[25] None of these Jews are in concentration camps and the Urkainians are not currently putting Ukrainian Jews in ovens. Yes, there are some neo-nazis in Ukraine and the percentage is higher than the amount of neo-nazis in the USA. With that being said, I stand by what I said about Putin's main reason for this war. Conservative (talk) 23:05, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
You'll never understand cause you don't care to understand. The topic of this thread is the distinction between the school of liberalism and the school of realism, which you freely mix together as if they are one and the same. RobSZ+ 23:31, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Here's the structure of your typical argument discussing Ukraine: "Mearsheimer (realism) says bla bla, but liberalism liberalism liberalism." And you don't even realize it. You add Mearsheimer's name I suspect to make it sound as if you are informed, but don't realize everything else you add contradicts Mearsheimer. RobSZ+ 23:38, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Straight from the White House: trashing Putin is about the future of the "liberal world order". RobSZ+ 02:06, July 1, 2022 (EDT)
Liberal hegenemy as far as the world is over. This is ready seen by: Brexit; Trump; the temporary growth of China as a world power (they have a lot of debt and a graying population so they will blow up within a generation); the defeat of the USA in Afghanistan; Putin's gobbling up of parts of Ukraine that the Ukrainians will probably never get back; the rise of right-wing parties in Europe which is expected to continue due to rising Muslim populations in various European countries; Biden's unpopularity; the conservative U.S. Supreme Court; the expected red wave midterm election in the USA; the current global desecularization as far as the world as a whole; Europe's graying population which is expected to see a decline in population and many developed countries experiencing the failure of liberal states to provide good economic/energy/social policies.
Given these various state of affairs, I don't have to cling to the authoritarian/kleptocrat Putin who runs a country with a dim future to save me from the dying liberal world order which is coming apart at the seams. Conservative (talk) 08:23, July 1, 2022 (EDT)
By the way, given Russia's demographic winter which is coming upon them due to their subreplacement level of births, one of the reasons why Putin attacked Ukraine at this time is that Russia will find it harder to field an army as time goes on. In addition, Putin isn't getting any younger and he wanted to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO while he is still alive. Conservative (talk) 08:41, July 1, 2022 (EDT)

Bolsonaro and guns

Please add this to the news "Personal gun registration soared almost 500% under Bolsonaro's government" [26] --CatolicoAustral (talk) 14:11, June 29, 2022 (EDT)

Is Elon Musk deceive conservatives?

After supreme court rule to overturn Roe V. Wade, Tesla along with other liberal corporations decide to pay workers’ abortion travel costs after moving HQ to Texas.

Tesla to pay workers’ abortion travel costs after moving HQ to Texas --Alex Kosh (talk) 20:56, June 29, 2022 (EDT)

Elon Musk is a libertarian. He is not a conservative. Conservative (talk) 00:16, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
No he isnt, he consider himself as moderate, he also want some measure of gun control. Liberatarians dont support any measure of gun control --Alex Kosh (talk) 00:40, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
You are right. He is a moderate who claims to be for free speech. Conservative (talk) 00:58, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

Another Homosexual disease outbreak

Another Homosexual disease outbreak happened now after Monkeypox in Florida between gay and bisexual men who infected by meningococcal in Florida. 26 infected in Florida and 7 died because of disease. It seem also the mainstream media try to cover this diseases by pretending that disease transmitted by coughing not by sodomy.

Florida meningococcal disease outbreak: Here are symptoms to watch for

Florida meningococcal outbreak among gay and bisexual men is one of worst in US history: CDC --Alex Kosh (talk) 21:11, June 29, 2022 (EDT)

They've gayed up Spider-Man

Marvel is introducing its first gay Spider-Man, a character named Web-Weaver, in the upcoming “Edge of Spider-Verse #5,″ out in September 2022

Where is Putin when you need him? Like Spider Man wasn't gay enough as he was. Yes, they've finally gayed up Spider Man. They are already working on the next episode, Spider-Man versus Monkeypox. PeterKa (talk) 23:40, June 29, 2022 (EDT)

They will never gay up Moses. "Fear not. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord." - Charlton Heston playing Moses in Cecil D. Mills movie The Ten Commandments. Conservative (talk) 00:14, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

Propaganda update

  • American mercenaries. I don't believe their excuse, "I listened to American news media and decided to pick up a gun and fight Russia" will save these guys from a death sentence. First of all, no Deplorable would believe American news media (except User:Conservative), and secondly no non-Deplorable has guts to pick up a gun, let alone be willing to die for strangers (granted, there are psycho-killers among non-Deplorables who kill out of anger and for pleasure, but they are among the criminal class and are not generally the soldierly type). These guys need to do a better job in their lying, cause Russians aren't stupid and blaming the American MSM for bad decisions in life won't fly. They need to come clean in their consciences, i.e. that they believed Hillary Clinton and were motivated by hate, and ask for forgiveness. RobSZ+ 01:33, June 30, 2022 (EDT)

Last time I checked, I am not in Ukraine fighting Russia. Also, for all their faults, the Ukrainians have more of a fighting spirit than the Russians because they are fighting on what they view as their home ground (But their morale is less than what it used to be as the artillery war slugfest has dragged on and Russia made some territorial gains). Russia has a troop morale problem, but it is compensating with stronger heavy artillery so it is slowly making gains. How long and to what degree the West supplies the Ukrainians with arms is unknown. But Trump is less pro-Ukraine than Biden and Trump will probably be reelected in 2024. Conservative (talk) 12:19, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Unfortunately for the Ukrainians, the Ukrainians do not have a pillar of fire to protect them against the Russians. They have to rely on Biden which is always a dangerous thing to do. Conservative (talk) 12:29, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Man, you do a good job of memorizing liberal (as opposed to realist) talking points, unless you are directly cut n pasting propaganda. RobSZ+ 13:54, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Brian Berletic (who is a very good military intelligence analyst whom I disagree with some of his base motivations) did a post weeks back aptly demonstrating where you get your Western, liberal propaganda from. It comes from the ISW (Institute for the Study of War) at WestPoint. ISW is headed by the sister brother of Robert Kagan, godfather of neoconservatism and husband of Victoria Nuland, who organized the Maidan coup and empowered the Nazis. MSM & Congressional committees get their war information from ISW. And ISW gets its information from the Ukrainian General Staff, which works hand in glove with the CIA on the third floor of SBU headquarters at 33 Volodymyrska Street in Kyiv. Links available upon request. RobSZ+ 14:05, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Here it is. Found it (time activated). The first 6 minutes (beginning about 15:50) looks at some of the personalities involved, including the Kagan brothers. At about 21:00 he gets into specifically where and how you get your information. At about 28:00 he discusses supposed war crimes, etc. It's worth watching as much as you can absorb, and it will save you further embarrassment for being a liberal parrot. RobSZ+
So, how does this work? ISW publishes daily crap & propaganda; AP, Reuters, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NBC, Bloomberg, etc, and various alleged scholars and pundits, including User:Conservative, swallow it and spew it back at the public daily, while believing every word of it. RobSZ+ 15:11, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
I'm reliably informed by the Russian MOD that the garrison on Snake Island has been withdrawn as a gesture of goodwill after having completed its objectives. Guess they've done feinting there, eh? ConwayIII (talk) 16:01, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
And just as an aside re. sources, your fan fiction still contains bonkers guff like this:
The cities of Severodonetsk (pop.110,000), Kramatorsk (pop. 150,000), and Slovyansk (pop. 107,000), south of the Izium front, formed the heart of the cauldron.
On March 7, 2022 Russian state media announced that half of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) - 120,000 soldiers - were trapped in the Donbas cauldron.[82] The Donbas cauldron was confirmed closed on March 14, 2022.[83]
ConwayIII (talk) 16:19, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Reverse order: both statements stand. Granted, there was a delay created six weeks ago on the northern pincer caused of the failed river crossing, but that problem is being alleviated right now. The Russians have about 43,000 of their own troops making the pincer movement right now. Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk, and Slovyansk - all within the Republic of Donetsk - will be fully demilitarized.
And yes, it is difficult to estimate the size of AFU forces in the cauldron right now, attributable to (a) destruction of the original contingents sent there; (b) desertions and injured; and (c) the actual number of untrained, mobilized reinforcements now deployed there. The Russians would rather they surrender rather than having to destroy them, but Ukrainian political commissars (the SBU) are executing Territorial Defense reinforcements attempting to surrender.
Now, to your first point: we're getting information. However I theorize it is related to the deployment of the 101st Airborne to the Polish border. RobSZ+ 16:39, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
If you take this map and expand, you will count no less than 6 mini-cauldrons versus one larger cauldron that is developing. And the 8,000 AFU troops retreating from Lysychansk at this moment are likewise actively being encircled. That's good, cause they will killed/captured outside an urban environment. RobSZ+ 16:45, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
One final note related to your criticism of a slow moving advance: some AFU troops retreating from the Zolote cauldron in panic blew themselves up in their own minefields.
For serious students, tomorrow at Noon EDT, I highly recommend this live stream panel discussion with youtubers Military Summary, Defense Politics Asia, New World Atlas, and New World Econ. RobSZ+ 16:52, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
The Russian progress is slow in Ukraine because they are not good at airpower being combined with the ground forces like blitzkrieg type warfare that the Germans did in WWII or the fast progress the USA made in first Iraq war. The Russians are not good at taking out surface to air missile defense systems used against air power because that takes a lot of pilot training which Russian pilots do not get compared to Western pilots. The Russian way of warfare is heavy artillery combined with siege type warfare.
And it's just common sense that the home team advantage gives the defenders an advantage in terms of troop morale. That is one of the reasons why the USA had so much trouble in Vietnam and Afghanistan.
Finally, Russian logistics are a weak point of their army. Conservative (talk) 22:29, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Please, stop with your ISW bullcrap. It makes me wanna puke. RobSZ+ 23:24, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Everything you say, you think you know and believe, comes directly from here, which comes directly from the Ukrainian General Staff and CIA in Kyiv; by contrast, you can track daily the GRU assessments here. In two weeks' time we can compare for accuracy and honest reporting. RobSZ+ 23:52, June 30, 2022 (EDT)
Russia has a fertility rate of 1.50 births per woman and a replacement fertility rate is 2.1 births per woman. Key points: 300,000 Russian citizens and residents are estimated to have left Russia by mid-March 2022 as political refugees and economic migrants, due to a desire to evade criminal prosecution for exercising free speech regarding the invasion. More than 400,000 Ukrainians have been 'forcibly displaced to Russia', according to Ukraine's ombudswoman for human rights Lyudmyla Denisova on March 30 2022 so this might be a high number due to propaganda. In addition, you have Russian soldiers dying in Ukraine and many of them will never marry and have children.
My guess is the poorest Ukrainians have been forcibly relocated to Russia because they did not have the means to leave the areas of Ukraine being attacked by Russia. On the other hand, the people leaving Russia have transferrable skills and money.
Between Russia's below replacement level of births; the Europeans diversifying away from Russian oil and gas long term; Russia's brain drain; the cost of a war that drags on; the long-term effects of the Western sanctions; and an inefficient authoritarian/kleptocrat government, Russia does not face a bright future. Conservative (talk) 08:06, July 1, 2022 (EDT)
You're out of the loop; Denisova was canned for inventing rape stories. 140 investigative journalists & NGOs could not verify a single story about Russian rapes. She made it all up out of whole cloth. She had to be canned. Of course, that doesn't stop you or you vaunted sources from continuing the lies you've committed yourself to. RobSZ+ 23:53, July 1, 2022 (EDT)
I posted the story of Denisova's firing on MPR a month ago. If you need a link, look there. This shows how much you pay attention to anything. 23:59, July 1, 2022 (EDT)

An Amazon description of the book What Soldiers Do which deals with American soldiers in France in WWII can be found below (The book was written by a woman history professor in Wisconsin):

"How do you convince men to charge across heavily mined beaches into deadly machine-gun fire? Do you appeal to their bonds with their fellow soldiers, their patriotism, their desire to end tyranny and mass murder? Certainly—but if you’re the US Army in 1944, you also try another tack: you dangle the lure of beautiful French women, waiting just on the other side of the wire, ready to reward their liberators in oh so many ways.
That’s not the picture of the Greatest Generation that we’ve been given, but it’s the one Mary Louise Roberts paints to devastating effect in What Soldiers Do. Drawing on an incredible range of sources, including news reports, propaganda and training materials, official planning documents, wartime diaries, and memoirs, Roberts tells the fascinating and troubling story of how the US military command systematically spread—and then exploited—the myth of French women as sexually experienced and available. The resulting chaos—ranging from flagrant public sex with prostitutes to outright rape and rampant venereal disease—horrified the war-weary and demoralized French population. The sexual predation, and the blithe response of the American military leadership, also caused serious friction between the two nations just as they were attempting to settle questions of long-term control over the liberated territories and the restoration of French sovereignty.
While never denying the achievement of D-Day, or the bravery of the soldiers who took part, What Soldiers Do reminds us that history is always more useful—and more interesting—when it is most honest, and when it goes beyond the burnished beauty of nostalgia to grapple with the real lives and real mistakes of the people who lived it."

And then there is Mass rape and the Soviet Union's army in Germany.

Call me a cynic, but I don't think men have super radically changed their behavior during war since WWII. I suspect there are cases of Russian soldiers raping Ukrainian women. How many I do not pretend to know. Conservative (talk) 00:15, July 2, 2022 (EDT)

Bla bla bla. Bottomline: you were duped. And now you're acting like a dupe. You extrapolated a whole theory ("My guess is the poorest Ukrainian bla bla bla") on what has been universally condemned as a false information - even by Western propagandists and propaganda institutions. This whopper was too big to deny, but you should study how the BBC admitted to, and buried her firing.
And wanting to debate rape now only makes you look like a fool.
You were misled by a criminal regime, with criminal intent. You need to own up to this fact before attempting to discuss anything. RobSZ+ 01:08, July 2, 2022 (EDT)

Let me illustrate the pathetic absurdity of trying to justify your error in judgment of accepting any statement from the Ukrainian government as fact: you defend yourself, and not even the liars who are the source of this propaganda, with "Yah but Red Army soldiers engaged in mass rape 77 years ago;" okay we accept your defense at face value. Now, do Red Army soldier sing the praises and read the writings of Joseph Stalin? Ukrainian children and teen rappers sing the praises of Stepan Bandera. His writings are taught to soldiers and in schools. Hia slogan is the official, AFU slogan, Slava Ukraine - the Ukrainian equivalent of "Heil Hitler". The AFU is for all intents and purposes the renamed OUN and UPA - that's where its roots lay.
So, you wanna talk about Red Army rapes more than 70 years ago. Fine. There have been reforms and changes. These Polish survivors wanna talk about Ukrainian Nazi mass murders of Poles more than 70 years ago. But NATO would have you believe Ukrainians and Poles are blood brothers.
You need to know when to let sleeping dogs lie. You still haven't retracted your stupid NATO talking point "Putin underestimated Ukrainian nationalism". Yah right. Putin was totally ignorant of Ukrainian nationalism and its Nazi background when he launched operation Denazification.
Try thinking for yourself for once, and not just parroting MSM BS. RobSZ+ 01:45, July 2, 2022 (EDT)

Michelle 2024

Why has the media turned against Biden? So Michelle Obama can run in 2024. See "Michelle Obama Is Running for President in 2024." PeterKa (talk) 10:56, June 30, 2022 (EDT)