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It's easy to see how the UC view of marriage contrasts with the "gay marriage" idea of homosexuality proponents. Besides the fact that UC marriage is clearly limited to one man and one woman, its purpose is for the larger whole. While gay rights activists pursue the "same privileges" for homosexual couples as for real married couples, they completely ignore their responsibility to society.

In fact, the entire gay marriage campaign is a sham. Homosexual couples do not practice monogamy or chastity. They just live together like any other unmarried couple. Domestic violence and cheating are even worse in the homosexual community than in the heterosexual world. Around 5 to 10 times worse, if I recall the statistics correctly.

When the UC calls them out on this, they respond with outrage - rather than doing or saying anything to disprove the charges. Their militancy will only increase if hate speech laws are passed in the US.

Suppose you insult a man's wife, and he hits you (knocking you down). It would be hard for you to press charges against him for assualt (see fighting words. Imagine that you saw a same-sex embrace or kiss in public and made a disparaging comment. If an argument ensued, and you were assaulted, your assailant would have the defense of calling your comment a "hate crime". Not to say that every gay-straight assault would be legal. But it would certainly have a chilling effect on comments.

It might even become illegal to make a public denunciation of homosexuality in general, even from a church pulpit. That would be the beginning of the end for American society. It would only spiral down into hell, like Sodom and Gomorrah.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ed Poor (talk)

Ed, regarding your working knowledge of the law, it is really quite slim. (1) Insulting someone's wife is not a defense to assault. The fighting words doctrine - as constituting an independent offense, unprotected by free speech - has long since died out. While the laws remain on the books, they're unprosecuted and haven't been validated by the Supreme Court since the 1940s. Similarly, fighting words haven't been used as a defense to an assault prosecution in fifty plus years. If someone called your wife ugly, and you hit him, you WOULD face an assault prosecution, and the fighting words doctrine would NOT save you.
Further to this point, the first amendment continues to protect your right to make "disparaging comments" about same-sex couples, even in public. Speech is not - nor has it ever been, in modern times - a hate crime. Read R.A.V. v. City of Saint Paul if you don't believe me. Hate crime legislation - which actually doesn't yet cover crimes against gay men & women - only applies to actual crimes, and a speech act isn't a crime except under very limited circumstances (fire in a crowded theater, burning your draft card, "let's kill the president," etc.).
It strikes me that you're speaking from the general conservative fearmongering about how gay rights threatens free speech. You should know that that fear has no basis in fact, nor will it ever. The idea that "hate speech" should be a crime has been firmly repudiated in the United States, as barred by the First Amendment. Please read up on the law and don't trust Ann Coulter & Human Events to get it right ;-)-LawrenceA 10:39, 14 November 2008 (EST)
"Suppose you insult a man's wife, and he hits you (knocking you down). It would be hard for you to press charges against him for assualt" I would be mortified if ever a western country had such an absurd law. That someone would even suggest that insulting someone's spouse could be a defence or a mitigating factor to assault shows is frankly quite scary. --DamianJohn 20:00, 17 April 2012 (EDT)

Some doubts

I have a few doubts. What is the special talent of discernment of spirits? Is Rev Moon the only person in possession of this skill?

Also is Rev Moon a prophet? I thought our Lord Jesus Christ was the last prophet.

thanks for clarifying. --OconnorM 20:11, 18 April 2012 (EDT)