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Several severe cuts:

the partisan skewing or

Media bias is a natural result of the differing opinions of persons involved in the media, specifically news-media, which may show through to various degrees in program content or focus.

attempt to eliminate bias as much as possible

Left wing media bias has become a rallying cry for most right wing groups, in the United States in particular, who view it as a symptom of the degeneration of traditional values and and possibly even a cohesive conspiracy to corrupt America's values.[Citation Needed]

Conservapedia came about confronting radical liberal bias, See: Examples of Bias in Wikipedia

It has been reported that one of the major mainstream media (MSM) organisations, the BBC admits anti Christian & anti Israel bias. [1] [2] & has been accused by an Archbishop as being pro Islam & frightened of criticising Islam [3].

Conservative bias is also present in the media; the UK Guardian newspaper accused FOX News Channel of this, while the BBC displayed concern over one-sidedness at Conservapedia.
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