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I removed a portion of the politics section as the references given led to an article on Wikipedia that actually had statements opposite the ones included here. (The Wikipedia articles directly stated that netball is NOT played in the Olympics.) It also might have been a personal matter, as some editors at Wikipedia have recently been banned over the article there. SharonW 15:33, 29 June 2011 (EDT)

Politics of Netball

Leaving aside the issue of whether it is/should be an Olympic movement sport (and technicalities on what that does and doesn't mean) I think there are some very dubious statements made under the section "politics of netball" regarding the management and thrust of the game. I note that most of that section was added by Hawkeye8, who was banned for 'moronic vandalism'. As someone who takes a passing interest in netball, I don't think much of what has been said is true, or at worst, it is the sort of criticism that could be applied to any and all sports administrators - a sports administrator wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't advance every argument they possibly could to promote the game. As such, I think the best approach will be to leave this for a week or two, I will bump it daily, and someone who wants to defend the entry can do so. Otherwise I will look to substantially revise the article, perhaps focussing more on its history and social aspects. --DamianJohn 21:26, 23 December 2012 (EST)