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How anyone can find established external references for most of the things I've put in this article, I can barely imagine. I mean, unless the editor already knows of such references, then I can imagine (very unpleasantly) how much wading-through of source documents could be required just to find one source each for most of what I've written. And, speaking for myself, I sure wouldn't want to read most of that source stuff in the first place, at least not in anything resembling a wholesale manner of 'study' which then merely happens to include what this article in its present form would require as sources. From my point of view, there's much to be said in favor of the efficiency of 'ignorance'. I personally don't need to eat a tree in order to come up with a toothpick for my normal meal. And, my feeble mental jaw would be far overworked in the effort, such that I would be lucky to chew anything ever again. Beyond that, I have almost no way to think about such abstract stuff unless by some kind of a genuine interaction with others but in a manner that keeps me isolated from them as a social creature.PatternOfPersona 22:20, 6 June 2011 (EDT)