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LeGend was killed by the 22 year old boyfriend of LeGend's aunt. LeGend's father and others evidently beat up the boyfriend day earlier in retaliation for the boyfriend beating up LeGend's aunt. The boyfriend returned and fired into the apartment where all were present.

In the past, it would be difficult for local police to get cooperation from anyone in the neighborhood to establish facts and a motive for the shooting. Electronic surveillance and data from cell phone towers, much of the same technology used in FISA, is now available to local police departments. That, coupled with threats from federal prosecutors to witnesses and others with knowledge to gain cooperation, can break down the wall of silence local police often encounter.

Although data gathered by electronic surveillance by local police without a warrant cannot be used in prosecution, local police still can legally perform the electronic surveillance to build parallel construction.

The whole point of operation Legend is to use the heavy hand of the federal government to compel cooperation from witnesses, where local police too often encounter resistance and only results in escalating fear and violence in the neighborhoods. RobSFree Kyle! 10:28, 12 September 2020 (EDT)