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This article contains many incorrect facts, not the least of which is that Kent Hovind was responsible for the Zuiyo Maru carcass find. (While Dr. Hovind has done much to popularize Creation Science to the public, he isn't known for his field research. As far as I am aware, with my connections in the cryptid hunting community, Dr. Hovind hasn't ever consulted on an expedition to find extant Leviathans or any other cryptid, much less gone out and found one himself. Also, he is neither a ship's captain nor Japanese!) Furthermore, there is a growing body of evidences causing Creation researchers to rethink the identity of the Zuiyo Maru carcass as a member of the mosasaur baramin, not a plesiosaur. There needs to be a separate section on this controversy. Dr. Richard Paley 02:15, 23 February 2007 (EST)


Wikipedia has a (series of) articles that are not in the main namespace (i.e. not in the encyclopedia) called "Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense," or, affectionately, BJAODN.

The previous revision of this article is the first thing I've seen in Conservapedia that is BJAODN-worthy. I wish Conservapedia had a similar repository. Dpbsmith 18:42, 24 February 2007 (EST)

A variety of concerns with this article.

Among other problems, the sentence "Using design inference based on their morphology, paleontologists believe that they were sea-dwelling carnivores that dined on fish and shellfish" is both uncited and essentially false (at least in so far as if design inference is being used as Dembski would use it). As I understand it, the main evidence for being sea-dwelling is that elements of the morphology match those of sea-dwelling creatures. Similar comments apply to their carnivorous nature. Second, the article says that "According to creation scientists, who use the Bible, plesiosaurs were created on the fifth day of the Creation Week[1] and lived concurrently with Man. It is also widely held among creation researchers that the leviathan mentioned in the Bible[2] was a plesiosaur." The references given are biblical verses. Now, I know my Bible pretty well, and it doesn't anywhere say anything of the form "Creation scientists say X" - these aren't really citations but simple references to the verses that Young Earth Creationists base their views upon. That they do so needs a separate citation, such as to AIG. JoshuaZ 02:41, 28 February 2007 (EST)


The infobox section on the families that comprise the "Plesiosaur" name, could someone make it to where each has its own redlink? All of them together would not make a good article. JY23 22:07, 31 October 2008 (EDT)

I had to alter the template, but I've fixed it now. The template could be better formatted for this, but it will do until someone wants to tackle it further. Philip J. Rayment 02:15, 1 November 2008 (EDT)