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Can anyone verify that? Took it out until someone can.
Can anyone verify that? Took it out until someone can.
== Trivia ==
I removed the unsourced trivia (deaf in left ear, six toes, three divorces).  [[User:Myk|Myk]] 08:14, 16 March 2007 (EDT)

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Rush _was_ caught illegally scoring painkillers. Should we leave that out just because it 'looks bad'? Truth is truth, even when it's ugly. --Ballon 18:03, 11 March 2007 (EDT)

It's gossip. It's not educational. We're not Wikipedia where nearly every entry has some gossip in it. Feel free to see what other editors think, but that's my view.--Aschlafly 18:06, 11 March 2007 (EDT)
I've got to wonder where the line is drawn for this. This site still needs so many fundamental topics covered, but since January there's been an article on Chappaquiddick. Still, CP doesn't want to include the dirty bits of people's biographies? Hunh.
And before you say it, I'm no Ted Kennedy fan (if I had a vote in MA. I doubt I'd have ever voted for him), but I just about lost it when "Random page" led me that article. Where are the priorities? :p Anyway, the "gossip" argument doesn't hold much weight imo. Aziraphale 13:02, 12 March 2007 (EDT)

It is not gossip, it is part of his biograpghy. ref <http://www.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/10/10/rush.limbaugh/>

Yes, but it makes him look bad, therefore it lacks sufficient truthiness to be posted here. --Ballon 18:28, 11 March 2007 (EDT)

I would say it can be mentioned only because he talked often about illegal drug users on his show, so the irony is rather large. Also, it was in the news extensively. BUT, it needs to be dealt with factually, not emotionally from either side.--Dave3172 18:29, 11 March 2007 (EDT)

First source

Could somebody tell me how the first source backs the statement? I couldn't find any mention of "Limbaugh" or "Franken" on that page... I left it in because I didn't dive deeper into the thread, but a quick explanation would be appreciated :) --Sid 3050 17:16, 12 March 2007 (EDT)

On painkillers

Limbaugh himself admitted doing it, so it's not gossip. MountainDew 17:18, 12 March 2007 (EDT)


The previous editor said that Fox's jerking actions were the results of his medication, not his disease. However, the citation itself says the exact opposite, stating that Fox often goes off of his medicine to make the symptoms more pronounced. Any assertion to the contrary of would need a new cite, one strong enough to disprove the citation offered (USA Today), common knowledge, and medical journals.--AmesG 00:15, 13 March 2007 (EDT)

For what it is worth, my grandfather suffered from Parkinson's. The shaking occurs because of the disease, not the medication.--Dave3172 00:18, 13 March 2007 (EDT)
Absolutely, that's true. But Rush didn't know it, and claimed that Fox was faking the shaking by taking his medication. Completely wrong, and completely vile. - Factcheck 20:02, 14 March 2007 (EDT)

Denounced as a Witch?

Can anyone verify that? Took it out until someone can.


I removed the unsourced trivia (deaf in left ear, six toes, three divorces). Myk 08:14, 16 March 2007 (EDT)